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Lawnmower Fuel Deliver Issues

I have a 6HP Toro lawnmower whose engine was built by Briggs & Stratton. I've had fuel delivery issues before, but those were all related to the carburetor where replacing it (I broke off a part so I couldn't rebuild it) fixed that issue. I'm not sure if it's related or not, but my issue now is that fuel won't get pumped to the carburetor from the fuel tank. However, the fuel delivery issue was occurring even with the old carburetor, so I know it can't be an issue with the new carburetor. I can use my lawnmower for about 5min at a time before the carburetor becomes starved of fuel and the engine cuts off. There are two ways I can resolve this issue:

Add more fuel to the tank keeping it perpetually full


Blow into the fuel tank in order to "push" fuel to wherever it needs to go so that it can get to the carburetor

Neither of these two solutions are desirable for me. What should I look for on my lawnmower to fix this issue? Do lawnmowers have a fuel pump? I've always thought that the fuel delivery from tank to carburetor was gravity assist, but with this perpetual issue, it's obviously not. Do lawnmowers actually have a fuel pump?

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