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90mm lmaf plumbing

I am in the process of datalogging with don lasota, and he thinks it's possible that the step down to 3.5" right behind my maf is causing some problems with readings. I am considering swapping to a 80mm maf, but I just bought a new lmaf so I kinda want to keep and utilize it. He suggested getting a powerpipe, which appears to be a 4" intake tube. It I don't think there are thunderbird applications.

So, what do all of you do? My old set up of stock airbox to lmaf adapter with 4" plumbing coupler, after the maf I have a 4" to 3.5" plumbing reducer clamped to 3.5" tubing, clamped to the stock 02 explorer intake tube. This setup worked great with my old inject tech chips purchased used, but may be causing me problems with a custom tune.

So, should I suck it up and go with the 80mm, try another tube that y'all suggest, or maybe try to remove the 3.5" tubing and go to 4", stretching the explorer intake tube? Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!
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