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Originally Posted by T6Rocket View Post
I didn't make any provisions when I rebuilt my window motor, I just took it out thru the speaker hole with the window up.

And we talked about this in another thread, but the only part of the window that needs lubed is to spray silicone in the rubber vertical "slot" that you can see from outside the car. Put the window down, spray silicone in there, and wind the window up and down several times. It will also work it's way all down in there where it needs to.

This was recommended by RobertP, who has worked on more T-Birds than anyone. He mentioned that Honda brand silicone was best.

And also mentioned in another thread, just rebuild the motors with new plastic pins. The total cost is under $10, versus $150 for some inferior parts. Will take an extra hour.

I find it strange the horizontal tracks wouldn't need some form of lube after nearly 20 years, it's just plastic on metal from what I've seen and heard, and possibly broken plastic in one of my doors, gonna have to put up a new vapor barrier I think, the more I think about it, when I replaced the motor years back, I think I stupidly removed the barrier or it was torn. Unfortunately I don't have time for a rebuild so I just bought new acdelcos. I rebuild the ones I pull when I get the chance so I'll have some when these die out, if the the car outlasts them. What's so special about the Honda silicone lube spray, do I find it a a Honda dealer?

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