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Originally Posted by Kidd-7 View Post
-g: Thanks for the insight. Battery terminals are clean and tight. I'll check out the alternator and do some voltage readings and check fuses. I pulled the radio last night and drove in w/o it. The wiring is all crimp connectors and not pretty. The cruise control would not work at all. I also noticed that the clock is dark, it did light up some for a few minutes, but went dark again.
Side note: Since I bought the car the volt gauge bounces when the blinker is on. I never really though much of it b/c the blinker indicators are on either side of the volt gauge, but maybe in fact that current draw is causing the voltage to dip.
1) This all sounds like an alternator/voltage regulator issue to me.
2) most auto shops have a testbench in which they can test your alternator but keep in mind that the load on a testbench is "simulated" so a marginal alternator could pass the testbench but still fail in real world. These items do wear out.

Depending on how frugal you are, you can rebuild an alternator fairly cheap yourself (kits are on eBay). I've done it before and would do it again if you find the issue are voltage spikes (uneven voltage when measured at the alternator output.

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