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I'm a slave at Riverwood Golf Glub (Charlotte County's only 4.5 star golf course!)...basically do all kinds of stuff outside in the hot Florida sun...

$5.25 + tips, which are generally fairly good...

Make close to $10 on average with tips.

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Overkill Fetish Freak
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I split peas at a split pea factory. You got to get the suckers just right!

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Well I have two jobs on top of being a full time student at Virginia Western Community College...which I just found out is one of the hardest CC's in the state...just my luck .

I work part time at Texas Steak House making some pretty good money stacks for I only work the $$$ nights...i.e. Saturday's and Sunday's...Great place to work and usually on the average I make anywhere from 12-20 dollars an hour depending on weather and how busy we are.

Then I also have a job at the Mainstay Suites which is about 40 yards from Texas. I man the front desk for 3-11 and it's the easiest job ANYONE could ever want, yet it's so damn boring. However since I started working there I've learned how to beat Solitaire in under 60 seconds lol. ***As if that's something to brag about*** This job is refered to as the "Ford Fund" for I don't think a single pay check from the place has went anywhere eles!

If you're in the area come by and see me...I'll be sure to hook you up!


Current Collection
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1994 Thunderbird SC - 5spd
1995 Thunderbird SC - Auto
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Only you can prevent modular fires
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What I finds I keeps.

But really....I have had a lot of Joe jobs nothing I would call a career....lets just say I have an extensive collection of hair nets and name tags.

Dry rot is the sh*t.

"Thunder-cougar-falcon-cobra-stang-mark8-SC-bird" IS SOLD!

Dodge VIPER GTS blown and winged.

1987 Saleen #79 Turbocharged # 40 On the Top 100 Rarest Mustangs!
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Originally posted by SyriusCougar95

Mine is Lexington Steele, j/k. I work for www.bluffmanufacturing.com I'm a blaster and powdercoater, I get paid by the piece not by the hour. hourly wages range between 17.00/hr one week to 25.00/hr the next. It all depends how much production our group can make.
Just got into powdercoating myself. got any good tips on getting the clear coat to look REAL good???

Should i just let it cure longer???

OH, full time college student, Security guard at clubs in the summer, i frisk peeps at the door, some of the ladies ask to be frisked so they dont feel discrimated against. And im a front desk manager at a Hampton Inn& Suites
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cookie-cutter hotrod
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Originally posted by espicer

Lance Goodthrust's the name Porno names rock!
to make a porno name for yourself...

Take you're middle name as you're first name and use you're street name as you're last name

SC_Steve= Paul Wisconsin

BTW... I do 3D Modeling and drafting work for whatever company I'm contracted out to, I currently work for Delphi Automotive helping to design Air Conditioner compressors for car and trucks

2001 Mustang GT ~ The Cookie-Cutter Hotrod
It's stock... no, seriously... it is
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No, no.... It's not middle name. It's the name of your first same-sex pet. It's funnier that way...

Like my first dog's name was Bo, so I'd be Bo Van Sickle....

I hate this place! Nothing works here! The medication doesn't work! I've been here seven years! I hate this place!
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I work as a mechanical engineer designing garage doors, especially those sold in the coastal regions of the south and southwest in the Hurricane zones. It's boring as hell, but hey, it pays the bills.


1997 Mercury Cougar XR7
1992 Thunderbird GT 5.0L
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2nd Gear Poster
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parts manager for a ford dealer......you can have your cake and eat it too.......
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I am a student at the local community college and I work at a BMW dealer doing such things as: delivering cars to people or places. Picking up parts, people, etc. Washing/gasing customer or company cars. Clean shop. Basically a company
"b!tch" I basically go where I am needed and they are cool as hell with working around my school schedule, projects, and trips to the track (umm, I mean calling out sick.)
I'll be transferring to a state college in a couple months so the bird will go into hibernation and I will live the "broke college kid" life for the next year and a half. So whatever gets done withing the next few months will be it for a while.

'97 T-bird LX - 4.6L
The weekend car I never drive

'06 Mustang GT
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With Flour, and eggs

96 4.6 XR7 (T45 Swap, etc.)
97 4.6 Mustang Cobra (12k Miles)
00 5.0 Explorer Limited
2008 KTM 690SMC
2004 Seadoo GTX-SC
(Looking for a 1962 Ford Falcon)
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One And Only!
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hey i work in Sam's club and i make 9.70/hr
work 2-3 times a week around 20 some hours
i get to hit on all the ladies and flirt with em and compete between us cashiers
and we do end up with some #'s
its tought beein baller on budget but $hit worked out for me 3 yrs now
im startin to hate it and can't wait ill i finish school so i can find REAL job
btw. im goin to school for Vehicle design and i will be gettin my Associate degree in May.After that i will be transfering to University to complete bachelor degree in same field
pretty soon I will be gettin real job and can't wait till i start makin some real Loot

1994 Ford Thunderbird
Custom Painted Vortech Supercharged Cobra Engine
Slammed On Staggered 20's With Way To Many Mods To LIST

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Comes here when I can
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I hold 2 jobs.
My day job is on Fort Wainwright at a place called DAPS. DAPS I have a cool title-----> Duplicating Machine Operator Or Glorified Kinko's worker if you wanna be a D*ck about it. Where I make a desent wage of 13.38hr.

My night job I work at Honest Bingo. Now don't clown. I know it is bingo but with tips and my hourly wage I average about 26-30 and hour. I do this like 3 or 4 times a week for 6 hours you do the math.

Not to bad.


My name be GT
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ~ Dr. Seuss (1904 - 1991)
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i work at a walgreens, it's a crapy job, not much action going on there... i get paid 7 dollars an hour, and again it suXs!... i'm actually working for the car, .. i really need to find and real job, lol

I'm always feeling that need for speed, ...ain't that right mah playz :wink:
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I take x-rays at an area hospital. Not many perks unless you count backless gowns. The drunks are fun sometimes too.

rusty steel wheels, Trans-Go shift kit ( soon to be removed), Alpine + Clarion speakers, Sony cassette head unit, Addco 1.25 rear sway bar, Tokico shocks, PBR GT calipers
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...currently without a job. I agree with Cougarstriker89erLS, Walgreen's (or any other retail store) would suck to work for. I've worked hospital and home infusion.

I worked at a sweatshop pharmacy for prisons for a month and I got out of there real quick. That was at the end of February. Now it's time (after a little time off) to get going again.

I'd like to get out of pharmacy altogether and do something creative. Like write books or own a unique small business or do something neat with computers.
Who knows.

A man may smile and bid you hail
Yet wish you to the devil;
But when a good dog wags his tail,
You know he's on the level.
--author unknown
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Johnny Five is Alive
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I work in the IS department of a staffing company, employed over 50,000+ people last year.

I maintain:

All the servers, Make new system purchase decisions, manage the telephone system, (upgrading, runing cables), We have are own mini ISP..

I also maintain, and write the payroll software that pays the employees, this includes the billing software, and intergration into our main accounting package.. Also write several other custom applications for other projects.. My department consists of 3 people, me, my boss, and one telephone support guy.

I use to work @ Ace Cash Express, < the company sucks..., however it paid the college tuition..

1984 Merc Cougar
5.0L, GT40X HEADS, E303 CAM,X303 Valvetrain
1998 4R70W Controlled by Baumannator TCS., 3.73 Track Lock Rear., Bauman Lev 3 Shift Kit.
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TCCoA-AHole Crew 2004
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in my posts are my own. They are not meant to start a flame war or discourage people. Just my honest opinion and nothing more
Just great, 4 mores years of GOP crap, Im republican, and I endorse this message
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I work at a western clothing store....... yee haw

math > pasta
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Seasoned PostWhore
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1 1/4-oz. pkg. yeast
1/2 cup lukewarm water
1 tsp. plus 1/4 cup sugar
3 tbsp. butter
1 1/2 cups milk
2 tsp. salt
2 cups whole wheat flour
3 1/2 to 4 cups all-purpose flour
1 egg (for egg wash)

That how I make my Dough...............

I make my money working for Hewlett Packard as an engineer.

AAAAA: American Association Against Acronym Abuse

Click here if you are an idiot


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2nd Gear Poster
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I manage a database repair lab for a software company. We do a host of things, second level support for ts, the occasional qa, database repair/customizations, password retreival, helpdesk, and add-on product development. I have about 25 computers with every win/mac os ever produced in my windowless room. It hums lke a room full of hookers in here. I supervise 2 other agents that work with me I am pretty much my own boss(as long as I show the suits the money). We have developed our own tools and use delphi 6 and vb as our dev tools, both for our own tool dev and our addon dev.

I love my job!
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Well... I'm a senior in high school... i sed to have two jobs (deliveries and working at a store... about $350 total a week), but now im just working at the store. Its a Hobby and Toy store, its a good job. make about 150 - 200 a week. in the summer i have to pick up a second job once again so i can make insurance payments on the sc im going to buy and pay off my spring break (SPAIN!!). Then next fall i will be at Grand Valley State University in Allendale/Grand Rapids, MI studying for mechanical engineering. -greg
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Sweet T
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I"ve done a little bit of everything. I enjoyed working in the Auto Industry the most. Nothing too glorious. A little grease monkey work, mostly sales though. Good money in that. Chasing a job at a VW Dealership right now.

1994 SC 5-Speed
1996 4.6L R.I.P December 02, 2004
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Don't call me a Newbie
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IT Consultant who is wealthy (according to the Taxaholics in DC).
Originally posted by Dr. FrankenCougie
I split peas at a split pea factory. You got to get the suckers just right!

And I always figured you for a fried bean refryer. My mistake.
(Actually, "Mad Scientist" is what I suspected.)

Wayne Hazard Wife is back from Kuwait - Welcome Back, Chief! My Multiply Site
1995 4.6L Thunderbird LX - Daily Driver...1 3/4 Miles to Work and Back
1996 4.6L Thunderbird LX, Vortech V-2 SQ Blown - Heart transplant in the works.
   (If SC+V6 = SuperCoupe, wouldn't SC+V8 = SuperDuperCoupe?)
1997 Mark Martin Signature Thunderbird (AKA: "1 of 6")* - 25k mi Garage Queen
   *A Significant Thunderbird in the Thunderbird RegistryAww, man...I can't believe Mark drives a freekin' Chevy now.
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I used to work at MCDS till i quit/got fired. Now i mow lawns. Seasonal but it payes. Im mostly living off the money i saved up during my MCDS employment.

'95 Thunderbird 4.6L V8
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4th Gear Poster
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I am an engineer wage-slave for a large tier-1 automotive supplier in Detroit. I work in suspension systems, we supply suspension components and modules to the big three and Japanese/European transplants.

I wish I could leave Detroit and live somewhere else, but I like what I do, at least most of the time.
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Motorboatin' SOB
Headlight Cleaning Guru
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before my current race track job, i used to be a dressing room attendant at victoria's secret oh, how nice that was

2014 GT
1990 300ZX TT
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Rebel Without A Clue
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I'm a service tech for Bellsouth. If you need a phone, I hook it up. If it's broke, I fix it. Working for a major corporation is a pain in the *** as far as company politics goes, but the job is easy and the pay and benefits are outrageous. I've been in this job for over 7 years and have seen, heard, and done things I never imagined I would see, hear, or do at work. The best part of the job is the good customers and the worst part of the job is the PITA customers. I don't know what my favorite job related story is, it's a toss up between the girl in the blue panties and the girl in the smiley face panties . That's very rare though, but it sure is nice.

04 Mustang Mach 1
95 3.8L SC-5spd
The three little sentences that will get you through life.
#1-Cover for me.
#2-Oh, good idea boss.
#3-It was like that when I got here.
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Trumpeter Extraordinaire
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Freelance Musician in the metroplitan Detroit area. I work with two big bands, and a brass ensemble, in addition to the theater work I do in various communities. My part-time work is as a contractor computer workstation field engineer.
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Astrophysicist / PostWhore
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Age: 35
Posts: 2,028
I'm a full time student at the University of New Mexico. I'm a Senior in the Department of Physics and Astrophysics (PandA to some). I'm on the 5 year (5.5 year?) plan because I decided on majoring in Astrophysics a year into school, so I had to kinda push my way into the program late...so I've always been trying to 'catch up.'

Where do I get my $$$? I usually get a Pell Grant from the Government...usually my tuition and books are paid in full by that.

I DO work though...I'd say part time, but it all really depends on my school schedule. I work at LodeStar Astronomy Center (LAC). My 'big' assignment right now is running a 16" Meade Telescope every Sunday so that the general public may view the Sun...they call it 'Solar Sunday'... heh.

Other than that, I do "Education Outreach." Basically, I just run an assortment of telescopes and train new comers on how to find things in the night sky (Constellations, names of certain stars, planet locations, 'Seas' of the Moon, etc.). On occasion, I do planetarium shows in our Starlab (no that is NOT me in that photo...I found that online). The Outreach crew goes to schools (elementary, mid, or high school) or to Boy/Girl Scout Troops free of charge....so that's always nice.

What do I do after I graduate? Hell if I know... teach.. US Air Force (if I lose like 2 tons ) ..... or maybe racing school... who knows.

OK...I'm done. Kinda nerdy.... but *sigh* .... yeah... I guess I'm a damn nerd.

Mike | RSW | THP | MF | SRTConnection |

1996 Ford Thunderbird LX V8 + 1992 Ford Mustang hatchback + 1989 Ford Mustang notchback = no where else to park at my house!
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Trumpeter Extraordinaire
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Posts: 2,914
Hmmm..... LodeStar Astronomy Center ??? Do you get employee discounts? A Meade 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain's on my Wish List.....

If not, no worries, LOL....can't get it for a while, anyway...that's why it's on the Wish List!

I remember the Pell Grants well. They helped out immensely during the 4th and 5th year of my 4-year music degree. I lived off of them for 2½ years. Sounds like you have a rather interesting field of study....astronomy is a big hobby of mine.
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