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Classic Searches....Done For You

__________________________________________________ _______________

DO NOT BUY THE K & N FIPK! 100+ dollars, for a 40 dollar filter, so that leaves 60+ bucks for the Bolt and Bracket......You do the cost evaluation...

Just buy the filter, and don't bother with the FIPK, many of us didn't know this and we wasted 60 bucks on this POS for no good reason, other than we were uninformed. Now you are informed...
__________________________________________________ _______________

Compiled here will be a list of search options and the threads which go with each search.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Removing the Air Silencer

Tech Article from MN12 Performance

Another Air Silencer Thread
__________________________________________________ _______________

How to get rid of the 1994 - 1995 Violin Case Intake Tube

ShadowDragons Write up on the GT Intake Tube

Audiobahn Birds Write up on the Civic Tube

Richard M's Violin Case Modification
__________________________________________________ _______________

How to Clean the MAF Wires

Technical Article on the MAF Cleaning

There have been more ways used recently which have been proven safer than the Q-Tip method. The most popular; Using electrical contact spray cleaner will reduce the chances of messing up the little wire contacts.
__________________________________________________ _______________

The Infamous J-Mod "Shift Kit"

Black Ice LSC's Cardomain J-Mod Write-Up

The Technical Articles, The top 3 are MANDATORY reading


F75Z-7F284-AA Spring $ 3.39
F4AZ-7F247-A Retainer Cover $ 4.26
F7AZ-7F251-AA 1-2 Accumulator $11.09
F7AZ-7H292-AB 2-3 Accumulator $ 5.61
F6AZ-7A098-A Tranny Filter $19.86
F5AZ-7D100-A Separator Gasket $ 3.44
F2VY-7C155-A Separator Gasket $ 5.72
__________________________________________________ _______________

PI Intake Swap / Parts Gathering for 1994/95 T birds and Cougars

Whitecoug's Write - Up

Whitecoug's Part's Listing for PI intake onto 94/95's
__________________________________________________ _______________

How to tell if your car has Trac-Lok and not the "One Tire Fire"

Technical Article for Axles and Gears
__________________________________________________ _______________

Torque Converters............

Johnny Langton's Stock Stall Speeds for TC's


2003 Marauder T/C $159.95 plus $50.00 core charge
2004 Marauder T/C $239.95 plus $50.00 core charge
MarkVIII Flex Plate $54.08
Converter Nuts $0.95 each x 4
Flex Plate Bolts $1.21 each x 6
__________________________________________________ _______________

A Bunch of Links to certain performance/maintenance parts for the 4.6's

Performance Parts Section of My Website
__________________________________________________ _______________

Horsepower / Get up and Go Combo's for the with Approximate Pricing

SCT EEC Performance Chip - Blue Oval Chips
$ 300 - 450 depending on modifications and number of programs.

Comp Cams - 550 a set new from Comp Cams, or try Corral or Modular Depot for used camshafts.

Gears - FRPP Gears will run abround 150 - 175 for the ring and pinion new, another route is the FRPP 3.73 rear end which will have to be used as it is no longer made. Price will be anywhere from 300 - 600 used on one of the above forums.

Headers - The only good option for the 4.6 are Kooks Headers available only at Super Coupe Performance and run 535 bucks uncoated, and 695 dollars Jet Hot Coated. Don't forget your Stage 8 Header Bolts and the 2000 degree coating upgrade

Underdrive Pullies - Options are Steeda, ASP, March and Ford Racing. Steeda and ASP are the same pullies, ASP makes them and Steeda re packages them and increases the price. Pick up the ASP's for better value. The UD pullies will run between 50 (Used) and 150 (new) from Steeda
U/D Thread

Nitrous - The nitrous kit most use is the Dry Kit, due to the fuel puddleing in the plastic intakes which may cause it to blow up the intake, not saying that a Wet kit is bad, just not AS safe as a dry kit.
Nitrous Express - Zex - NOS

Used Kits: Corral, Modular Depot, Ebay - They usually go for around $300 - $350.

New Kits: Ebay $475.00 or Summit $509.00

Part Number for Zex Kit is: 75 - 125hp shots = 82015
55 - 75 hp shots = 82011
__________________________________________________ ______________

1996 - 1997 Headlight Swaps for earlier years 94 - 95's.

Here is a webpage with instructions

Buy your header panel here

Headlights will be best found on Ebay.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Standard Audio Questions

Speaker Size on all 1989 - 1997 Thunderbirds and Cougars will be either 6" x 8" or 5" x 7" .

2005 Infinity Kappa 6 x 8's

IKE SOUND 6 x 8's
__________________________________________________ _______________

Transmission (4R70W) Swap Info

When swapping the 4R70W out of your Thunderbird, Cougar and Mark 8 you have several options. Swapping for a stonger transmission will be the best option when yours fails. You will want to choose one with a Mechanical Diode and the newer updated valve body.

1998 - Lincoln Mark 8 Transmission ( doesn't have the updated valve body)
1999 to 2004 - Mustang GT transmission
1999 to 2004 - Crown Victoria transmission (Non-police package)
1999 to 2004 - Grand Marquis transmission

Most of the transmissions after 1998 used in cars have 8-tooth speedo gears on the output shaft, so if you're running 3.73's or steeper; You'll need a speedcal to get the VSS output right. (Courtesy of JL)

You can get a speedcal here
or here....

Most find their used transmission deals here.

When using the newer transmission, you will want to update these parts:

5.4 EPC selenoid is -
XL3Z-7G383-AB = 45.38 (list 60+)

Your year Transmission MLPS -

Your year Transmission TCC Selenoid -

You will also want to use a Magnetic Inline Filter for extra protection after blowing your old trans. These can be bought here. You want the 5/16th's size lines, unless you upgraded to the bigger 3/8th size lines.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Transmission Coolers

B&M Transmission Coolers Sizes 16K GVW to 28K GVW

Possible Sources for Coolers carries Hayden coolers - is the company's site carries B&M coolers - is the company's site

(Lil Tip) The top line at the radiator is the return line, the bottom line at the radiator is the hot line.
__________________________________________________ _______________

2003 Mustang Cobra Radiator Swap

03 Cobra Radiator Thread

Cobra Fan and Shroud - 3R3Z-8C607-AA
Wiring Loom - 1U2Z-14S411-AGA
Cobra Radiator - 3R3Z-8005-BA

__________________________________________________ _______________

2003 Infiniti G35 Sport Package with Navigation

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Thunderbird and Cougar Exterior Modifications

Clear Corners on Ebay(Cheapest Around)

Vent Visors on Ebay

Thunderbird Decals

VFN Thunderbird 3" Smooth Cowl Hood

Pricing can be seen through VFN's Website

__________________________________________________ ______________________________________


If you have some braking issues; here are some common reasons:

1. Spongy Pedal
(Air – Bleed from the furthest bleed screw from the master cylinder and work in . Bleed screws up)
(Caliper brackets not square to rotor causing caliper deflection)
(Rubber brake lines deflecting)
(Brake fluid too hot)
(Pedal ratio too high)
(Silicone brake fluid – highly compressible)

2. Low Pedal – Have to pump the pedal to get it hard
(Master cylinder too low causing fluid drain back to reservoir – install 2 lb. Residual pressure valve or move reservoir higher than calipers)
(Warped rotor causing piston knock back)
(Excessive rotor runout causing piston knock back)
Excessive piston retraction – install square seals)

3. Low Pedal – Won’t Pump Up
(Bad caliper seals, leaking)
(Leak in hydraulic system)
(Balance bar too far off center)
(Badly worn pads)

4. Pedal Hard – Car Won’t Stop
(Master cylinder too large, too much volume)
(Pedal ratio too small – Insufficient pressure on master cylinder)
(Glazed rotors)
(Glazed pads)

This information was taken from Outlaw Racing Disc Brakes

Outlaw Racing Disc Brakes
__________________________________________________ _______________

1. Stonger Half-Shafts:

2. Solid Rubber Motor Mounts:

3. Steeda Polyurethane IRS Bushings

4. Ported and Polished Cylinder Heads:
Jim Oneil @ Renegade Racing

5. Oil Filter Relocation Kit:

6. Blue Oval Performance EEC Chips:

7. Nitrous Oxide Accessories:

8. Rail Mounted Fuel Pressure Gauge;=SUM-800160

9. Camshaft Timing Chain Retention Tool:

10. Inline Transmission Filters:

11. Lo-Tek Triple Gauge Pods:

12. Street Tires:

13. Hoosier Drag Slicks:
Summitt Racing Part Number HOO-18120

14. Transmission Oil Cooler:

15. Fuel Rail AN Adapter:;=ATM%2D3280

16. ART True Dual Exhaust System:

2003 Infiniti G35 Sport Package with Navigation

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Man---This was a great post. I have been wondering about getting rid of the violin case. Great stuff man, thanks!.
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Just FYI, the link for the cam tools (9. Camshaft Timing Chain Retention Tool: has been deleted or moved by the company.

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