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Air silencer delete, 2.5 inch mandrel bent exhaust. Looking forward to a PI swap sometime in the next year or so, along with some cams.


My driving is a constant struggle between wanting good gas mileage and driving like I'm Mario Andretti.


1997 Pacific Green Thunderbird LX- Stock 201xxx miles Daily Driver
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First mod on my 97 was a forged block to go under the supercharger it came with.

R.I.P. Joel Bender 07/30/79 - 03/26/06
R.I.P. Johnny Langton 1975-2011

1997 Thunderbird LX 4.6 AED 349.27RWHP/391.29RWTQ Engine Build Exterior shots
2002 Thunderbird Premium Triple Black 3.9
2013 Fusion Hybrid
*SCRAPPED* 1994 LX 4.6 NA 13.6@100mph 236.07RWHP/286.26RWTQ
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My 1st mods were a 5% supercharger pulley. A March underdrive pulley kit, and a BHJ harmonic balancer. The stock balancer broke in half so I just relaced it with the BHJ & went with the pulley set to go with it. It's been a drain on my bank account ever since!

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97 grand marq headlights, blacked out grill.
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first mod was replacing my cracked plastic NPI 4.6 intake!

It was replacing that stupid intake, that and a yellow top optima were my first 2 mods.
- I was on the way to school and the damn thing just popped and started gushing no warning or reason. It got towed and subsequently damaged. Long story short i couldn't prove it,(front bumper damaged in towing) so i had no choice but to eat it. This bitter lesson forced me to learn and teach myself how stuff is put together so i researched the intake swap and attempted it. Imagine my excitement when it fired up first shot of the key. I literally didnt know squat before. The bug bit me

well hmmm ive always tinkered and took stuff apart and put it back together so for me the transition, i was forced to the point of starting to dig deeper into car modification/repair. i had a '91 dodge spirit hand me down first car. but i guess i had grown out of the Fwd domestic 4cyl (think '91 dodge spirit r/t turbo.) i gave up on a 4g63 build since 16g turbos werent as common yet before 2000.

When i picked up the 1996 tbird, she already had mods to her. Someone installed a flowmaster axleback y-pipe put in a K&N drop in filter. The car was mostly stock except for possibly a small maybe 3:55 gear. Figured since the speedo was 5-10 mph off too fast. When the oem trans blew in 2010 i had a 4r70w trans rebuilt to police interceptor spec.

While i was under there i didnt have enough $ to lower the car with a full suspension and tire/wheel hub conversion package so i just replaced everything worn (strut rod bushings upper/lower balljoints with good stock replacement parts. i changed all my fluids to synthetic diff, trans flush/refill, motor oil change.

idk i wasnt into doin begginner mods. i remember i measured, and fabricated my first original CAI out of PVC pipe from Home Depot. I painted it and it looked nice.
That turned out so great it snowballed from there. Drifting was hard on the car but being Ford tough shes always made it though all the mishaps without any serious damage, cosmetic mostly mixed with susepnsion. Then i started to get into body mods since the front and rear cover were always scuffing something out drifting.

Pretty soon i was gettting sick of replacing broken rear bearings and steering knuckles, so i beared down and tore apart the rear suspension and swapped in fat SC 1/2 shafts... that turned into scp performance upper intake elbow and 75mm throttlebody, and i got even more ambitious and did the transmission seperator plate, and accumulator 1-2 and 2-3 kit.

Started to realize i was doing better next round was underdrive pullies, a sct tune and i put in a mark 8 driveshaft. Body mods at this point were starting to get unique: i had fabbed up my own blue Angel eye parking lights, custom all clear tailight lenses with gunmetal painted backing. This is another project i shall return to later after the holidays...

::sigh eventually my yellow top will make it to the trunk...

It has only gotten out of hand since then. Now Im hoarding shells and parts tbirds at other friends garages and considering opening an online mn-12 part-specific oem salvage operation from parts stripped, catalogued and saved from shells in limbo. more on that another time...

jobs i regret: swapping the steering column just to change ignition lock cylinder - oops! - noob error. or the time i had welded down the hood hinges to the unibody becuase the holdown bolts snapped from corrosion - kind of a no choice situation.

Its not to say there are P.I.T.A jobs i definitely dont like doin a fuel pump or yank a dash to chase some sound. I'd rather set thrust clearance on my crank or do something inside a motor first. Or put one together.

'96 LX tbird. VFN cowl hood, UD pullies, CAI, 75mm t-body, SC performance upper intake elbow, 2.5 in mandrel bent dual exhaust x-pipe, SC halfshafts, Mark VIII driveshaft, alum LCAs. Built 4r70w with swapped machined/hardened case, interceptor internals, heavy duty clutches/steels, shift kit, modded valvebody and mn12 performance seperator plate, SCT3 Flash tuned, '90 SC black n grey tweed interior. SOON : 97 teksid upgrade, built mark viii 8.8 3.90 gear and Detroit locker. Also weight reduction this winter/ rust repair/ fixing sunroof leak. Body WILL be pretty again Future: complete interior overhaul - dash replacement and new custom interior. Best 1/4 e.t. : 14.52 on mickey drags. RIP my nephew Ethan. We miss you so much!
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Air silencer delete, 2.25 exhaust no cats.... pioneers speakers 3way... nothing major.
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My first mods were stereo, amp, subs, speakers, Cougar XR-7 banner across the front windshield, bullet door lock knobs, true custom dual exhaust, K&N drop in filter, latter a home made ram air system, smoke headlight covers, Lebra front end cover thing ripped after dealing with several winters and drying out in the hot summer sun.

I actually was happy with all these small mods at the time and really thought this car was something, the dual exhaust really made me happy even though it made the car sound much more aggressive than it was.

I am doing much more now to the Thunderbird I own so no regrets, at the time I thought the Cougar was going to be it for sure, I probably would still have it if it never got drove into a lake.

97 Thunderbird LX 4.6 sohc, 60,000 original miles and lots of room for improvement.... All show and no go for now...
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my first mod was a really poorly done aftermarket radio with 2 aftermarket speakers because it had no audio system when i bought it. I got the speakers in the doors and it looks a little better now but I'm eventually going to have all 4 speakers and a sub in it. As rushed as the job was it was definitely worth it. some music is always better then no music.

my second mod was after i got in a small car accident that ended in othing more then a busted turn signal. That day i went to auto zone and they quoted me somewhere around $70 for a stock oem turn signal. so i went on ebay and bought a pair of clear corners for $35 and found that i like the way they look better anyway. installation was so easy i installed it in a parking lot.

I'm waiting for hotter weather for the window tint i want to install. i did the tint on my last car (a 2000 focus) last summer and found that in 100F+ weather a heat gun isnt required. I'll make a post when i get it done if it goes well this time.
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Air silencer delete. Had it done before my car was even running, lol.

1997 Arctic Green LX - bought for $200
Alpine Audio, Air Silencer Delete, FRPP Wires, K&N Panel, Tru-Cool Max, Airlift 1000 bags, class II Draw Tite receiver hitch.
Gathered parts so far: 80mm MAF, 75mm TB, PI heads & intake.

2003 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, bought for $800, 85,000 miles, new daily driver.
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Removed air silencer replaced head unit and in process of pi intake and 245/60/15 cooper cobras replaced mas with oem
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1st. all new suspension, wheel bearings, and brakes
2nd. air slincer delete, hollowed out cats, dual 40 series flowmasters
3rd. K&N CAI, and stage 1 Jet chip
4th. clear corners, blackout taillight covers.
And yet to come tints, and get some rubber on my new 18x9 black chrome saleen speedstars
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First mod was, spectre intake, cut off my mufflers, tinted taillights, HID's, sound system, gauges, re did my entire interior, replaced plugs and wires. nothing fancy
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Since I bought my car for $700 and drove it 250 miles home on hopes and dreams, my first mod was a brand new battery, a "new" trans out of a v6 donor car (already pulled and only $75) because the throttle cable wasn't hooked up to regulate the pressure and it burned up by the time I got home, then hood shocks, multi-function switch, ignition module, distributor, wires, MAF sensor, oil change, replacement tail-lights and headlights/corners, and a Kenwood deck.

After all that, she was good enough to drive! So, I guess my first REAL mod was when I cut off the stock mufflers later that week, haha still running around on just cats and resonator.
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Stuff I did so far:
New Stereo (Needed Ipod jack)
Air Silencer Removed
Muffler Removed

Cars Owned
-1995 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.6 V8 (June 2010-June 2013)
-1999 Subaru Outback 2.5 H4 (January 2013-June 2013)
Passed it on to my little brother
-2000 Volvo S70 2.5 I5 (September 2013-Present)
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Bought my car already modded. from what I can see Cold air intake and K&N filter, 75MM MAF, custom exhaust with a resonator where the cat should be

85 Pontiac Fiero 2.5L auto RIP
86 Pontiac Fiero 2.5L five speed RIP
90 Ford Thunderbird Supercoupe 3.8 5 speed DD
99 Crown Vic police interceptor 4.6 auto
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sorry if this is off topic but does anyone know if you can get an analog gauge working in a 1989 3.8 LX? It has a malfunctioning digital dash. I'm between trying to get it analog or just seeing what i can do to repair what I have.
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removed silencer.modified baby car seat.lol. that's about it only had it for two months.

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Removed air silencer. Next 'mod' is rebuilding the entire front suspension.
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I'm new and thought I'd jump in here ...
My first 'mod' was actually an attempt to get a badly abused 86 Elan back on the road with absolutely NO funds to do it. It started with a plastic milk carton and some super glue to repair the hole in the radiator overflow tank and continued with a radiator clamp to hold the collapsed steering wheel column in driving position.

[It's a long story that I'll relate if I ever find the right thread to introduce myself - or get clearance to open a 'hey I'm new' thread]

... BTW, Hello from South-Central Texas
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I bought my '90 SC new and back in the day you had little options for the first few years.

Put in a K&N flat panel filter. After than I found a direct replacement Spearco intercooler that was enlarged over the stock one. Both helped a little but nothing significant.

Ahhhh, the good old days when the car was stock and my wallet was full.
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Just this weekend...first Mods to the 91 Sport: Removed Air silencer, changed PCV Valve, water pump pulled-all new gaskets, new bolts, new clutch fan bolts, new Ford Racing hose kit, new wire covering, radiator cleaned, and engine detail.
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Eibach progressive rate springs (lowered 1.5")

Koni shocks/struts

K&N Cold Air Intake

I did go with a new Clarion CD player and Memphis speakers all around, and 2 10" DepthCharge subs in the back, but not sure if that would count as a "mod"

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Air Silencer, and Magnaflow y-cat system (only cuz I had to replace a bad cat)
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ALL in one day, the following was done:

1) New stereo/with microphone and mp3 capabilities (also it has remote)
2) Viper keyless entry/remote start. {Opens gas cap door, and trunk}
3) Window tinting, including the strip across the windshield

Day #2

#1) 4 new tires
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Posts: 24
Full pi top end swap with the ford racing intake.
Good thing my friends car was what I learn what to and not to do on these cars lol :p

- Burger
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First Mod

My first mod finished today. Dual piston calipers, 13" slotted rotors and hub assembly for a 04 svt mustang. Put 07 gt wheels on and they look great! It took about 1.5 hours to complete. Just had to grind some off the right side brake line and caliper as stated in the post about the swap. got some serious stopping power now.
what to do next
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First 'mod' on mine was to replace the plastic intake with an aluminum crossover one. The only real modification other than stock replacement items was the Jmod, which I removed when I sold it back to my parents, and when the weather starts getting warmer........ it's going back in.

1996 TBird LX 4.6
2001 Sable Wagon 3.0 Duratec
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post #148 of 152 (permalink) Old 01-19-2014, 09:08 PM
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Location: nc
Posts: 6
My son did a j mod on hid crown last year. on my list of things to do. maybe when it warms up some. and when he has the time off
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97 mk8 trans flexplate/convertor when my old 95 started leaving the convertor locked on my way home from college.

sure i could have just swapped the cracked TCC solenoid, but the valve body was whining like nobody's business in 1st and their was absolutely no get up and go off the line since fist was randomly slipping and sometimes not slipping and scaring the pants off me with unwanted extreme acceleration guess that's bound to happen when your forced to half throttle at every intersection just to get moving

then i got me a mk8 shaft after my 2peice started coming apart at the rubber crimp. either that or the trans cooler, cant remember anymore.

RUST!! eating away at me more than the rear fender wells
95 Deep Jewel Green 40th Anniversary Bird / Stock SOHC 170k FRPP PI intake swap, filter relocated! 97 Mk8 4R70W, Jmod, 3L27 / energy susp rear spindle, and cobra arm bushings, Tru-Cool Max/radiator cooler bypassed, 93 Mk8 shaft, and LCAs, 225/60r16 Michelin Defenders on Windstar twin 5spokes, Vogtland 1.6drop springs, Tokico Blues, PBR, and rear-disk swap, 89 SC swaybars
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Ok so my first mods I did were ten years ago when I first got my car. I swapped out the original cassette deck (which I still have) for a decent CD player. And I got the windows tinted (back windows darker than the door windows, which I love). Then just a couple days ago I finally put my mirrored K-State Alumni front license plate on, which my husband got me as a gift about 6 years ago!

1997 Cougar XR7 4.6L
166,000 miles / white opalescent tricoat
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