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  1. 03HarleyF150
    11-22-2015 10:38 AM - permalink
    I was reviewing old posts regarding a problem I have with a newly acquired low mileage '96 Cougar. Seen you had posted to the thread about the same issue I currently have which is the wipers, washer & door chime not working. Checked the usual items (fuse, switch, relay) but unable to find anything bad. Checked switch with a new one & I disassembled old one on the car & found nothing wrong with it. Checked washer pump with power directly applied & it works. Removed the relay module & did a visual check of the circuit boards. Nothing visually burned or broken. Since the car sat for years in a lady's basement, I'm thinking I've got ground/contact issues due to moist air common in basement environments & I've already fixed different electrical problems that turned out to be contact issues. Do you happen to know where the ground contact points are for the wiring in this circuit? I'd like to avoid disassembling the dash area & unwrapping the wiring harness if at all possible. Thanks, Wes
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