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The Road Racer Begins

Road Racer begins
Unfortunately the "Before" picture is too big to post, but the 1992 Supercoupe is now in the shop and preparing to make the big change! We got the supercoupe back from the transmission shop (had the transmission rebuilt almost a year ago, and before the warranty wore out, it needed to be rebuilt). The transmission is now not the original, and is a dyno tested rebuild. Anyone interested in a complete swap 1992 auto transmission for your 5 speed please get in touch 330.242.5008 or [email protected] . Complete: All pedals, tranny, clutch, etc. The start of all the stripping will begin tomorrow. The car is very clean, so if you have a need for parts we will not use in the final race car, give a call!

Our intention is to post up weights of items, technical information we find, and anything else we find. There are a few sponsors for the car so far, but we are starting the search for the title sponsor, and other associate sponsors. We hope to have a rough version on the track for the Nelson Ledges 6 Hour August 9th for testing.

See you at the track!

Lawrence Mansier
Owner, Mansier Motorsports
NASA OH/IN Region Director
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Day 1:

I spent three hours today taking material out of the interior. All work was done with hand tools, no air. Below is a list of items and their respective weights.

Drivers Seat 55
Passenger Seat 57
Rear Seat Back 38
Rear Seat Bottom 14
Passenger Side Trim + Speaker 10
Floor Mats 5
Drivers Side Trim + Speaker 10
Passenger Side Door Panel 11
Drivers Side Door Panel 11
Trunk Carpet 9
Jack, Spare, + Cover 41
Rear seat insulation mat 7
Rear Seat Braces 6

Total 274

This Supercoupe had all the options, so these are the leather 6 way adjustable seats, 60/40 fold down rear.

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good luck with everything man....What league are you gonna be racing in, one of the ones they show on speed channel?
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NASA's American Iron Class isn't on Speed Channel as of yet, but there could be a few races on it next year. We may also film them (I run the NASA OH/IN region), and pay for the TV space ourselves to get it going. We'll keep you informed!


Some Links:
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Day 2: No Work
Day 3: Removed the following parts with weights

Passenger and Driver Window Glass 10 each
Pass. and Dr. Speakers 1.5 each
Pass. and Dr. Window Motors 7 each
Pass. and Dr. Window Guides 7 each
Center Console 9
Under Steering Column Panel 1
Pass/Dr. Carpet 21

Total (for day3) 82 lbs
Total so Far 356 lbs

Time for Day 3 2 hours
Total so Far 5 hours
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She's getting lighter, just gotta scrape off all that tar-like stuff that's caked on everywhere. Should feel 30hp stronger with that much weight off it, too bad you gotta add the seats (or another kind) back.

TCCoA, there's no better way.
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[email protected] with 3.27 gears
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The seat that goes back in is a Kirkey Aluminum racing seat. 11 lbs. It's the cage that will add all the weight! Yes, we are looking forward to spending time with the tar!

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Day 4: No Work
Day 5: The following came out with weights

Pass. Seat belt track and Motor 4
Dr. Seat belt track and Motor 4
All Seat Belts 13
Sunvisors 1.5 each
Roof Panel 5
Moon Roof and Motor 25
Rear Deck Panel 1

Total 55
Total So Far 411

Time 3 Hours (did more than listed, but no more out)
Total Time 8 Hours

A note: The ride height was measure just behind the front wheels, and just in front of the rear wheels before we started. All of this weight was taken out from behind the dash. Current ride height is 1/2 inch higher in the back, and 3/8 higher in the front.
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That's cool, now I know how to get that 4x4 stance I've been dreaming of.
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Tell us more about the sponsorship oppurtunities. What are the benefits?

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It truly depends on what the sponsor would like. For example, a company developing intercoolers might want all the test data logged for temperatures, pressures, etc. in race conditions in exchange for the intercooler. They would also get a sticker on the car and us handing out information to everyone we met at the track, shows, drag races, autocrosses, newsletters, website, etc.

On the other hand a company might want more of a hospitality package where their employees could come out to a track day and get rides from the driver(s), food, drink, and other hospitality in addition to the usual sticker, etc. Frequently it is a nice incentive for salespeople, or the company to take the day or a weekend day, and come out to the track with the car. We could even arrange to have a few rental cars and have the race drivers instruct the employees driving around the track.

Pretty much the sky is the limit. It all depends on the needs of the sponsor. Every package is customized to meet their needs. Some might like the car to show up at their business for pictures and PR. Of course every piece of literature would have the sponsors name. We also do a lot of testing at drag races (for standing start races), autocrosses (for shorter tracks), and other things like shows, parades, etc.

I hope this helps! With us running the NASA OH/IN Region and running the car nationaly, the exposure can be spread pretty wide, and there has been interest from magazines for a story on the car. None are finalized as of yet.

Back to work this evening. Starting on the dash, heater, AC, then to the exterior, and put the car up in the air to start dissasembly of the suspension, etc.

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No updates??? hows everything coming along?
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Thank you for the interest! Here is the latest:

Day 6: No Work
Day 7&8: The following came out with weights:

Glove Box 6
Instrument Cluster 5
Climate Control 3
Entire Dash Assembly 60
Underdash Pad (Includes an air duct that runs under the front seats 15
Rear Crush Bumper (plastic honeycomb bumber section) 10
Door Frame Weather Striping (2) 5

Total Day 8: 104
Overall Total: 515

Time Day 7&8: 7
Total Time: 15

When taking out the steering column, use plenty of penetrating lubricant. If the bolts spin, they are very difficult to work on. However, the bolts are threaded on the male end with a reverse torx type fitting.

This is the same for the rear bumper. Although the fitting is a hex head, not torx. We spun the rear bumper bolts, and will most likely have to drill a hole in the bumber to get at the back of the bolt.

So far we have sponsorship on the seat belt harnesses (2 sets), seats (2 recaro competition), and fuel injectors (36lb). We will be making an announcement about our sponsors once we secure the main sponsor. Wish us luck!

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Originally posted by Mansier
This is the same for the rear bumper. Although the fitting is a hex head, not torx. We spun the rear bumper bolts, and will most likely have to drill a hole in the bumber to get at the back of the bolt.
That's pretty common. The bolt/stud rusts in that weak body clip, then when you try to break it loose the clip breaks and lets the bolt/stud spin. I usually just sawzall them and use new bolts if/when I reinstall the bumper. It's easier than using a holesaw on the bumper.

I think we're all interested in how this turns out. You're really keeping me interested by posting the weights of each part you take off, that's very valuable info. Thanks for sharing it.


Rod @ AzzKicker Cars
[email protected]
90 XR7-The Meth Addict-KB SC'd 5.0L DOHC Stroker
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And a TON of parts cars!
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What kind of engine is it gonna be...does it have to be stock or modified to a certain power to weight or sumthin?
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In this case, we aren't finding any rust standing in the way, just weak welds holding the bolts in place I guess.

The car will run in the American Iron class where the rules are built to allow for some fairly serious modification. Really it is designed to be a place where racers can put together their own aftermarket package within the rules. Basically, the car needs to be at 9.5 lbs per RWHP (9.5:1) or heavier. Since we haven't even pulled all of the interior out yet, our objective of getting 1,000lbs out of the car is probably going to be obtainable (I say that now!). If so, the car should weigh somewhere in the 2,800-2,900 range, and about 3,000 with driver. Means we can run about 315 rwhp or 375 flywheel HP. Our goal is to improve the engines breathing efficiency without twisting the supercharger too hard. The engine will be the 3.8SC engine in an effort to get maximum torque for the HP (no rules on maximum torque!). The goal is 400+RWTQ.

We have a basic plan of action on how to obtain these numbers, but would love to hear from you all on how it should be done.

The rest of the car comes apart over the next 10 days. Look forward to a lot of weights!

Lawrence Mansier
[email protected]
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That sounds like a lot of fun...I bet a 3000 lb SC will be quick to.
Have you tried Thats all about SCs and those guys know there cars. You could get a lot of engine advice to. Also you could check out magnum powers and coy miller racing engines. Coy miller has the quickest SC at 11.4xx 1/4 mile. They may even be willing to sponsor but I don't know...just tryin to help you out
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Day 9 and 10: No Work
Day 11 and early 12: The following came off with weights

Front Inner Fender Liners 3.5 each
*Rear Quarter Windows 5 each (going to make Polycarbonate windows)
Heater Motor 4
CD Player 6 (10 CD changer mounted in back)
Cowling Plastic 5
Front Bumper Crush Structure (plastic) 9
*Front Light Assembly 12
Air Cleaner Assembly 7
*Hood 58
Battery Plate/Holder 2
Radiator Fan 7
*Radiator and Bracket 20

Day 11+12 Weight 147
Weight that will go back into the car when lightened (*) 100
Total Weight taken out (that won't be going back in) 562

Day 11+12 Time 5.5 Hours
Total Time 20.5

All work has been done with hand tools, no air tools. The hood will most likely be gutted and vented down to about the 30 lbs or lower area. The front light assembly will be holed for a few lbs. The Quarter windows will most likely be put back in about 2lbs each, and a radiator must be found now. The radiator area can accomodate an approximately 31x19 radiator. The front bumper appears to be welded on, not bolted. Most likely we will take a hole saw to it, and flare the edges of the holes for strength.

The front end is now 1.25 inches higher than stock, and the rear is 1 inch higher.

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Days 13&14: The following came out with weights

Mufflers, pipe, from resonator back 32
E-Brake handle 4
AC Compressor 13
Exhaust Y-pipe, cats, resonator 37
Door Wiring (keeping power mirrors, everything else) 10
Under dash padding 14
Heater Core, etc. 16
AC Evaporator 6
Windshield Wiper Motor assembly 8
Door Locks 4
Radio Amp and Wires 4
Cruise control and wires 4
Sun Roof Wires 1
Trunk Wires 1
Dead Pedal 2
Sound Deadening material (so far about 1/2 done) 9

Day 13&14 Weight: 165
Total Weight: 727

Day 13&14 Hours: 13
Total Hours: 33.5

Other weights of items that will be returned to the car (most likely):

Intercooler 9
IC top and tube 7
SC wheel and BFG tire: 41 each!!!

A thank you to David Dalke who gave up his Saturday evening to help work on this racing effort. David was instrumental in working with the electrical system, and beginning to design the final racing electrical harness we will use. David's knowledge of these cars is tremendous. It was an incredible boost to the team to have him on board!

Also, with the wiper motor out of the way, it seems like the engine could be moved back about 4 to 6 inches. We will be looking at this seriously in an effort to more centrally locate the engine.

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Days 15-18 the following came out with weights:

Exhaust manifolds 14 total
Lower IC Tube 8
Motor Mounts 12 Total

Flexplate 10
Master Cylinder Assembly 25 (wow!)
Jack Shaft Pulley 3.5
Passenger side Acc. Bracket 10
Starter 7

Total Weight that stays out: 34
Total other weight 55.5

Days 15-18 Time 11
Total Time 44.5

The engine and transmission are out. The front K-Member is out with all front suspension, etc. The sound deadening is almost all out. David Dalke helped out again! Now the fabricating begins! We are looking at the engine mounts to see if we may be able to make a mount that would move the engine down and back (easier, and may be used by others for less expense!). The whole K member is not out of the question.

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So how is it coming? Any more updates? I am into road racing out here in California, and so I have a special interest in this thread. Keep the updates coming and good luck.
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I don't know how I missed this thread (gotta hang out in the SC forum more often )

Great little saga going on here, can't wait to see some in-progress pictures

Josh Keady

1994 Super Coupe ('93 5.0L swap), 1990 Tbird 3.8L, 1982 Honda CB900F, 1972 F-100 SportCustom 4x4, 1970 Chevy Custom Camper / 20
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Days 18-25

So here is the latest update!

The sound deadening is out completely, and the interior has been cleaned up. Rear bumper is off (will weigh), heads are off and the exhaust ports have been ported and honed. The bores look good (original cross hatching intact). Fitting of the intercoolers and radiator is being done. Looks like they will be in two layers with their own intake areas. Will post pictures when somewhat completed. The front suspension is apart, and now searching for suspension sponsors.

Our safety belts arrived from MOJO Racing Products. Black, camlock, 5 points.

We are about ready to put in the cage, and have been fitting the driver. He may sit farther back than original. We are still at about the 800 lbs out stage. We will be adjusting the springs soon.

The wing is being sized, and will be built in the next ten days.

Can't wait to see what kind of speed we can get out of it!
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So what is the status of this project?

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Today I, along with the assistance of Chris Stiffler, took to the task of removing some of the extra metal from the car. I was able to remove the inside of the door panels, inside of the rear quarter panels, and the front bumper. We were working on the roof section, but have yet to get the entire section out. Still to come would be the rear deck area behind where the rear seat used to be, the trunk lid, and anything else that doesn't hold a real load (as the cage will do all that for us). So far here is what we had in 4.5 hours:

Front Bumper: 32 lbs (everything back to where the radiator support sits)
Doors Inner Panels: 11 lbs. each
Quarter Panel Inner Panels: 3.5 lbs each

Total 61 lbs

Total time in the car so far is about 70 hours (didn't post some here!)
Total weight out of the car that will stay out is over 830 now.

We figure we can get another 30-50 lbs of metal out of the interior before we really hit the structure that can't be taken out. The rear computers are going to be moved up to the passenger seat footwell and the battery and battery box will be moved up the passenger seat area. All this should save us about 10 lbs in wiring or more.

We will most likely be changing to a TKO Transmission, and so have an AOD with 4 miles since the rebuild up for purchase. It comes with the shifter and lines. Make an offer!

Not sure if we had posted this image here yet. It is an artists rendition of the car when it is finished. The wing may be a bit different, but the idea is the same.

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Today's work took out the roof panel (the sun-roof motor frame, etc), the skin off the inside of the trunk lid, removed the trunk lid lifting arms. The roof panel is mostly glued to the roof, but rivited to the roof panel itself around the opening. Very time consuming to get out. The trunk skin came out very cleanly, leaving a piece that is still fairly heavy (we are regulated to use the stock outside trunk panel), but the piece came out nice. Watch yourself if you are taking out the trunk arms as the are VERY spring loaded, and should come out with care. Here it is:

Roof Panel: 8lbs
Trunk inside skin: 10lbs
Trunk arms and springs: 3lbs

We are in the finishing stages of talking to Wilwood about brakes. If you are thinking about upgrading, let me know if you want me to try for a group purchase of some kind. They make some absolutely outrageous brakes, that are not nearly as expensive as Alcons, Brembos, etc.


PS: Did anyone buy a hood from

Edit: BTW: The Auto Tranny weighs 179 lbs without fluids. Made the lexan quarter windows last night, saved another 3 lbs.

For some pictures of what the car looks like now, visit:

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I cut out the radiator support and part of the front brace (area over the rad support), which took out another 10 lbs. Cutting the springs to size was another 10 lbs, and taking out the single layer steel in the rear upper tray behind the rear seat was another 5 lbs (I left all the double layer stuff for structure). So:

Rad Support 10
Springs 10
Rear Tray 5

Total: 25
Total overall: Approx. 900

The rad support area left a perfect hole for the powerstroke intercooler and 31x19 radiator that we will be laying somewhat horizontal. Tomorrow David Dalke is coming by to help move as much of the electronics to the passenger seat area.


Edit: Edit: David Dalke was out today Dec 19. We worked on the wiring for a good 12 hours (total). We now have the front wiring harnesses down to about 25 wires going through the firewall, and the rest including any computers, fuse boxes, etc. have been moved to the passenger seat footwell. So far another 12 lbs off the wiring. Probably another 12 coming!

Last edited by Mansier; 12-20-2003 at 11:30 AM.
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Did some work on the rear of the car with co-driver Rick Gilbert. We took out the rear subframe, and weighed a few items. Here is what things weigh back there:

Rear subframe empty: 76lbs
Rear Differential (no axles): 84 lbs
H-Arms: 26 lbs each
Front Subframe: 50 lbs

The mounts for the H-Arms flexed a lot when we took the bolts out. The whole subframe could use some work. We might look into tubing this, as the weight savings could be good for the more simple subframe design.

I am going to do a search, but does anyone know how much the Aluminum Mark VIII H-Arms weigh? And Cobra Rear?

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The last post on this car was back in 03'.....whats the progress? Anyone?

4R70W From DirtyDog
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TEA Stage2 PI Heads, 9.5:1 manley slugs/manley H-beams, cobra crank, VTStage3 blower cams, Trick Flow track heat intake, FMIC TR1245 intercooler, ART Dual 2.5" exhaust/Stainless/no cats, KOOKS coated headers, 4.10 w/ Auburn Pro, aluminum 8.8 housing, Dynotech driveshaft, Koni's, Eibach Springs, Baer 13" big brake kit. cobra rear brake/hub conversion, VMP Slot Blowthru setup, #60 Inj. 75mm TB,
615 rwhp/500 torque 15.5psi best of [email protected] still needs tuning.
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Progress? That's an awfull lot of work to put in an SC, just to get passed by $2000 Cougar in July, Lawrence.

See that TKO in the nasa parts section?

"Keep making it thinner until it breaks, then go one size bigger."
My Cougar XR7
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