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Thumbs up have many supercharger questions - and need one!

Hi All,

I'm not overly familiar with these motors, residing in the UK. However - i am after an Eaton M90 to supercharge my next race engine with (2000cc / 122ci). The M90 as in the Supercoupe seems to fit the bill perfect, both in boost output and dimensions, from the pictures i've seen of the units.

So - i have many questions!

1) What exactly do these engines appear in, and how common are they over your way?
2) How many different 'generations' of M90 have been on these engines?
3) What years of motor can i get these 'chargers from?
4) Is there anyone who would be willing to export complete units - ie inlet/throttle body/bypass unit, top-hat, and supercharger complete - wether in one off or bulk purchase?

(now we get a little technical)
5) What is the boost pressure and max drive speed of the stock unit?
6) What do people modify them to (both mild and wild) - bear in mind i'm more interested in the supercharger characteristics, reliability at higher pressures, etc...
7) What can be done to improve them? Does porting the inlet and outlet really make a difference?
8) Is that 'top-hat' at all restrictive? (it looks just the ticket for me, but is it worth modding to make it flow better?)
9) What are the checks to a 2nd hand 'charger, how long do they last, and what goes wrong with them?

Many thanks,

(btw - i'm serious about importing them to the UK- all we can easilly get over here is the M45 and the M112 - nothing in-between!!!)
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A great place to get answers to your questions is here http://www.sccoa.com/

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For your size engine, the M90 may be overdoing it. The M62 is suggested for your displacement. The following two links can answer many of your questions.



1) The newest generations of M90 blowers appear in Pontiac GTP, Bonnevilles, and some Buicks. The 94-95 Supercoupes had S-ported blowers which produced more power than the 89-93s. All of these vehicles are common "over our way".

2) I believe there have been 4 different generations, but do not hold me to that.

3) Answered in 1.

4) You can probably find someone willing to ship you a blower and it's components.

5) Stock boost pressure ranges on cars, from 8-13psi, but some people see much more with OD pulleys.

6) Modify how? There's only so much a person can do to a blower. Others can answer this question much better than I can. Magnum Powers offers ported blowers and other interesting tidbits.

7) Refer to 6 and to anyone else that may reply.

8) Yes, the top is a bit restrictive and by putting a raised top on boost can be increased.

9) If you're buying a used supercharger, rebuild it before you use it.
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Check here they sell the M90 P&P and the anything else you could need for the blower, and if they don't have it I'm sure they could point you in the right direction.
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Thanks all for your help and assistance!

JJanney, I have looked at a M62, but i'm looking at around 17/18psi max for my baby, but without having to drive it excessivly fast... As i understand, the Eatons are at their most efficient at 12,000rpm (they will overspeed by a heck of a margin, but become more and more inneficient), and as this is going to be a 7K redline motor, it needs the larger one for the top end...

I will check out the link. If Any of you guys have spare inlets / top hats / etc and may be willing to export to the UK (i will pay the shipping) then let me know via mail.

Thanks again, but keep the suggestions, advice, and tips coming!!!

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I have a spare rear inlet plenum (the one which the by-pass valve mounts on and goes from the lower intercooler tube to the top of the intake minifold). However I do not have the by-pass valve. If you want it its yours for $20 plus shipping to the UK. If you are interested let me know and I'll find out how much it would cost to ship. I'm not sure if this part will help you since it pertains more to the SC T-bird more than anything.
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If you have the cash, it would almost be worth going to Magnum Powers and buying their already ported blowers and inlet plenums.
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You should check eBay! I see SC superchargers there all the time. Right now, I think there is a complete package of supercharger and all accessories, including heads (which I know you don't need) up for sale. Although, you would need to get it rebuilt, but I would bet some shops in England would do so. I think Mazda Millenias also have or had an Eaton supercharger. Oh, and how about Mercedes, Aston Martin, and Jaguar? I know the XKR uses an Eaton M112. My point is, if you bought the goods from the US, I am sure you could find someone over in England to do the necessary service to bearings and such.



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Just to make a slight correction to a post in this thread 94/5 SC's did not come with S-model blowers. They do make more boost and power (with a bigger pulley even) than 89-93 blowers due to the intake being opend up to a rectangular shape rather then the oval shape of the earlier 89-93 blowers. S-modeling is a service Magnuson Products, (sole representative of Eaton superchargers for sales, service, and aftermarket applications) offered 94/5 M90 supercharger owners. 94/5 M90 owners can send their blower to Magnuson's to have additional porting of the intake and exit performed. 10 to 15 additional H.P. is what they advertise for this service I believe. They will not a S-model a 89-93 blower for what ever reason. Magnuson also sells brand new S-modeled blowers.

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