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anyone have the service manual engine reassembly instructions for the 89-93 SCs? I have a hayes manual, but well, would like better.

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Give me a call dude.........I"ve got the shop manual for our years on CD. I'll make copies and give them to you.....also encompasses the Mark........

I'll need to get the floppies for installation copied, and I'll email them to you.......

BTW......what's the new email addy? Only one I have for you is your devry one.

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Originally posted by Fubarian
anyone have the service manual engine reassembly instructions for the 89-93 SCs? I have a hayes manual, but well, would like better.

Go to Ebay and do a search for Service Manuals. Can get one for CHEAP, and a lot better than that USELESS Haynes Manual.

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During engine assembly, an RTV-type sealer will be applied to many components before installation. When the sealant is applied, the component should be installed within 15 minutes. After this time the sealant begins to set-up and its sealing effectiveness can be reduced.

Lightly oil all retaining bolt and stud threads before installation except those specifying special sealant.

1. If removed, install oil gallery and cooling jacket plugs. Tighten plugs to specification.

Before installation, coat plug threads with Pipe Sealant with TeflonĀ® D8AZ-19554-A (ESG-M4G194-A and ESR-M18P7-A) or equivalent.

To provide clearance for camshaft sprocket, oil gallery plugs on front of engine must be threaded below machined surface.

2. Install crankshaft as follows:

a. Install main bearing inserts in cylinder block. Note that third bearing from front is the thrust bearing. Rear main bearing on supercharged engine is unique.

b. Lubricate bearing inserts with Oil Conditioner D9AZ-19579-CA (ESR-M99C80-A) or equivalent heavy engine oil, and carefully lower crankshaft into place. Use care to prevent damage to bearing surfaces.

c. Apply a 3mm (1/8 inch) bead of Silicone Rubber, D6AZ-19562-BA (ESB-M4G92-A and ESE-M4G195-A) or equivalent to cylinder block rear main bearing cap parting line.

d. Install bearing inserts in main caps and install caps. Note that caps are numbered with triangles. Number one is located at the front of engine with triangle facing front of engine.

e. Install main bearing cap retaining bolts.

f. Before tightening bearing cap retaining bolts, wedge a large screwdriver between cylinder block web and crankshaft cheek located in front of No. 3 main bearing.

Do not jam screwdriver into place. Tap into position only enough to hold crankshaft forward while cap bolts are tightened.

g. Tighten bearing cap retaining bolts to 88-110 N-m (65-81 lb-ft) and remove screwdriver.

3. Check crankshaft end play as outlined.

4. Install pistons as follows:

a. Install bearing inserts in connecting rods and connecting rod caps.

b. Install pistons using Piston Ring Compressor D81L-6002-C or equivalent. The notch in piston dome and button on connecting rod have to face front of engine. Oil squirt hole in rod faces RH side of engine.

Lubricate piston and cylinder walls with Oil Conditioner D9AZ-19579-CA (ESR-M99C80-A) or equivalent heavy engine oil before installation.

Scratching of crankshaft journal can be prevented by covering connecting rod bolts with spark plug boots or flexible hose.

c. Install connecting rod caps and retaining nuts. Tighten retaining nuts to 41-49 N-m (31-36 lb-ft).

5. Check connecting rod side clearance as outlined.

6. Install camshaft bore plug using a suitable driver.

Coat sealing edge of plug with Perfect-Seal Sealing Compound B5A-19554-A (ESR-M18P2-A and ESE-M4G115-A) or equivalent before installation.

7. Coat camshaft lobes with Oil Conditioner D9AZ-19579-CA (ESR-M99C80-A) or equivalent. Lubricate camshaft bearing with heavy oil SF.

8. Install camshaft and spacer.

9. Install camshaft thrust plate and tighten retaining screws to 8-14 N-m (6-10 lb-ft).

10. Install tensioner and snubber assembly. Tighten retaining screws to 8-14 N-m (6-10 lb-ft).

11. Install balance shaft spacers.

12. Lubricate timing chain with clean engine oil.

13. Rotate crankshaft, as necessary, to position crank sprocket keyway in 12 o'clock position.

14. Install camshaft sprocket, crankshaft sprocket and timing chain.

Ensure crankshaft keyway, cam sprocket timing mark and crank sprocket timing mark are properly aligned after installation.

15. Install distributor drive gear.

16. If water pump was removed from front cover during engine disassembly, position a new pump gasket on front cover and install water pump.

Tighten pump retaining bolts to 20-30 N-m (15-22 lb-ft).

17. Install camshaft bolt and washer assembly. Tighten bolt to 40-50 N-m (30-37 lb-ft).

18. Position a new front cover gasket on engine. Install cover and ignition timing indicator. Tighten retaining bolts to 20-30 N-m (15-22 lb-ft).

19. Install oil pickup and tube assembly using a new gasket.

Tighten retaining bolts to 20-30 N-m (15-22 lb-ft), and support bracket retaining nut to 40-55 N-m (30-40 lb-ft).

20. Install oil pan as follows:

Using solvent, clean oil pan and engine block seating surfaces before applying silicone sealer.

a. Using a small-blade screwdriver remove any sealer which may have been squeezed into seal groove when rear main bearing cap was installed. Place a 6.35mm (1/4 inch) bead of Silicone Rubber D6AZ-19562-AA or BA (ESB-M4G92-A and ESE-M4G195-A) or equivalent, into seal groove where bearing cap meets block.

b. Apply a 3mm (1/8 inch) bead of Silicone Rubber D6AZ-19562-BA (ESB-M4G92-A and ESE-M4G195-A) or equivalent to seams where front cover mates with cylinder block and to each end of pan end seal.

c. Apply RTV gasket material in a zig-zag pattern on engine block.

d. Install oil pan. Tighten retaining bolts to 9-12 N-m (80-106 lb-in).

21. Lubricate oil filter gasket with engine oil and install. Install and index oil cooler as outlined.

Thread filter onto adapter until gasket contacts cylinder block and then advance filter an additional one-half turn.

22. Lubricate tappets with Oil Conditioner D9AZ-19579-CA (ESR-M99C80-A) or equivalent, and install.

23. Install six guide plates and two guide plate retainers. Tighten guide plate retaining bolts to 10-14 N-m (7-10 lb-ft).

24. Install new cylinder head gaskets using dowels to align gasket.

25. Install cylinder head as outlined under Cylinder Head, Removal and Installation.

26. Install push rods, rocker arms, fulcrums and retaining bolts. Lubricate push rod ends and fulcrums with Oil Conditioner D9AZ-19579-CA (ESR-M99C80-A) or equivalent heavy engine oil before installation.

For each valve, rotate crankshaft until tappet rests on heel (base circle) of camshaft lobe. Tighten fulcrum retaining bolt to 7-15 N-m(5.1-11.0 lb-ft). Final-tighten fulcrum retaining bolts to 25-35 N-m (19-25 lb-ft). For final tightening, camshaft may be in any position.

27. Install lower intake manifold as outlined under Upper and Lower Intake Manifolds, Removal and Installation.

28. Install spark plugs. Tighten to 7-15 N-m (5-11 lb-ft).

29. Install rocker arm covers as follows:

Using solvent, clean valve cover and cylinder head sealing surfaces to remove all gasket material and dirt.

a. Install a new gasket onto cylinder head.

b. Install valve cover and retaining bolts. Note location of stud/bolts.

c. Tighten retaining bolts to 9-12N-m (80-106 lb-in).

30. Install distributor and hold-down clamp (EFI engines), or camshaft synchronizer and hold down clamp (supercharged engines).

31. Install crankshaft damper using Damper/Front Cover Seal Installer T82L-6316-A and Front Cover Seal Installer T70P-6B070-A or equivalent. Tighten retaining bolt to 140-180 N-m (103-132 lb-ft).

Install crankshaft pulley. Tighten retaining bolts to 26-38 N-m (20-28 lb-ft).

32. Install injectors and fuel rail assembly. Tighten retaining bolts for fuel rail bracket to 8-11 N-m (6-8 lb-ft).

33. Install PCV valve components.

34. Install upper intake manifold. Tighten bolts and studs in three steps.

a. 10 N-m (8 lb-ft)

b. 20 N-m (15 lb-ft)

c. 32 N-m (24 lb-ft)

35. Install EGR valve assembly. Tighten bolts to 20-30 N-m (15-22 lb-ft).

36. Install distributor cap. Connect secondary wires to spark plugs.

37. Install coolant bypass hose.

38. Install exhaust manifolds. Note location of dipstick tube support bracket. Tighten exhaust manifold and exhaust heat control retaining bolts to 20-30 N-m (15-22 lb-ft).

39. Install rear cover plate and flywheel.

Apply a thin coat of Pipe Sealant with TeflonĀ® D8AZ-19554-A (ESG-M4G194-A and ESR-M18P7-A) or equivalent to flywheel retaining bolt threads before installation.

Tighten flywheel bolts to 73-87 N-m (54-64 lb-ft) in standard cross-tightening sequence.
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