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top hat nut prob

hello all i was taken off the top intercooler tube and the nut on the hat split how can i fix it? thanks for the help steven
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You can't, get another top.


Current record holder for fewest posts by a Houston Area Thread regular! Vernon says, "We all do what we can."
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where you live I have a top and ic tube with polished letters and fins free just send me postage
[email protected]

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Speaking of which, hey Manny where's those ported intercooler tubes you promised me? You know, when you were dying of Cancer and giving all your parts to fellow SCer's and wanted to leave you mark on the community. Let me know the postage and I'll still send it.

Steven if the shipping postage is riskable go ahead and send it, he's posted this in public, therefore faces public scrutiny if he renigs. But speaking on years of experience with Manny, mine and others, keep looking for another top elsewhere in the meantime.


Current record holder for fewest posts by a Houston Area Thread regular! Vernon says, "We all do what we can."
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Vernon your so stupid grow up, I sold the sc the extrude honed tubes were on, about 6 sc's ago,
and never offerdd you the tubes that I know of , now if sleepy can email me a address Ill send em out real quik, as for my selling of parts and my ability to send em out ask around the sccoa and and end this line of bs ,

every part ive ever sold has been delivered . and my record is clear on that check it out on, ask john shelton , dustie cropp"froglove" Riv lee , Alex Al35thsc,
turbo speed, and many many others , now if you want the tubes they are free just pay shipping , if you want to beleive bs from the foolish do so but it would be your loss.

a wise man would check out the person before beleiving the jealous post of a ,
negitive person, my reputation is good i may bs alot with people but parts are always delivered when given or sold.

also vernon if you want to talk bs about me do so on a bs site , this is the tccoa a site for people who hel-p not trouble makers or so I thought,

or email me and talk trash not on the supercoupe forum.

Ive had many people ask for the tubes but I never sold or gave them away to anyone and when I sold the sc they were on i sold it compleate

ive owed 7 sc's this yr alone so forgive me for not remembering the exatct sc

please read on dont take this post as gospel I posted later in post im leaving this post as reminder of what I said and how wrong I was to say it

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you have mail thanks for the reply
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Mannysc goes out of his way to help a fellow sc`er. I can`t think of anyone that has a gripe with him. I once needed some engine bolts and I think he took them off his own car to help me out and send them across the country to boot. He is the last person on here that should be knocked for anything. I thank god there are people like him in the world. Just to set things right. Mark J.
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that is good to know i have seen manny post at sccoa for some time so i know he is for real im thank full for his help and other that have helped me thanks.
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yeah i got everything he said he will send i just paid shipping.
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Manny is a top notch guy! I got all the parts I bought from him in perfect condition.
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Got a set of heads from Manny yesterday for FREE!!!!! Can't ask for a more outstanding guy or deal.
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Got all kinds of crap from manny, some I drove to pick up, some he mailed me.
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Manny hooked me up with some free stuff, I even offered to pay for some of it, he wouldn't take it. Very trustworthy and reliable person. He is definitely an asset to the sc community. If I ever needed anything, I would consider him as a safe seller on my list.

1990 35th anniversary T-bird SC

1993 Mercury Cougar 3.8
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Situation resolved, all's well that ends well.

Current record holder for fewest posts by a Houston Area Thread regular! Vernon says, "We all do what we can."

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I've found Manny to be a very generous person and I've purchased from him with excellent results.
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you know I do owe you a apology I didnt remember that email ,
but I looked in my old stuff and there it was, yes I was very sick and yes I had a tumor its gone.

my son is in prison now so he is not in trouble.
my sisters house got burned as did most of her naigbors homes.

the garage did get burned down and a few have seen where it used to be ,

my setup works even the old one i have at home works, looks ugly since the backfire
but still works.

I was very sick at the time of that email and was not in touch with you because of health and better things on my mind, lots of things from comutor crashing to health,
so it slipped my mind sorry about that and i sold the car with all on it ,

ive bought 7 this yr and sold all exept my parts car and a 92 sc

I did indeed offer you the tubes but forgot as everything was upside down in my life at the time . once again I apologise for this.

as for inverted setups for everyone Im too broke to do this at this time,

and yes they still have some problems . minor problems but still problems ,
which will be worked out soon with a new lower manifold made from 1/4 alluminum plate and not welding cast and plate alluminum,

ive had it done so many times but only to have cast welded to 6025 plate .
crack at welds expansion rates are very different, and propane inj and co/2 ic cooler cool so much it cracks at welds.

if I had a set of ported extrude honed tubes id send them but I dont and cant aford the $300 it cost me to have them done the first time.

Im very sorry about the ic tubes and for calling you a trouble maker,

i totally forgot about the email to you but I was going thru hell at the time and on major drugs " prescribed",

but in the past yr Ive been a lot better and have delivered all ive sold and given away,

so dont judge me by past forgetfulness im 100% now and have been trying hard to keep up my rep you dont see many fights or threats from me ,

I like to joke around and post bs , but all serius stuff is true and jessica was hurt really bad and will take yrs and yrs to recoop from her injurys,

try as hard as you want to make me out a fool but you will find no current amo to use agains me im a different person now that im in good health,

im sorry I sold the car with the tubes on it I really didnt remember offering them until I read your post, then wham hit me like a brick I told you off for something ,
that was true to a point. ,

for that Im sorry , i didnt do it on purpose "sell the tubes on car after I offered them to you " i totaly forgot i offered them .

so concider this my written appology but as you can see ive changed my ,
ways as of late and stick to my word as much as posible,

let my recent past yr or so be my proof of my integrity,

ive tried to become a asset to the forums not a pain,

and help as much as posible even to the point of taking a loss or two on parts .

like I said in my email id like to make my mark on the sccoa , and tccoa ive been trying to do that a good mark let my recent actions guide your remarks ,

ive been a good member as of the last two yrs and im not to much the a$$

to admit i made a mistake so try to forgive me for not sending you the tubes
i was not in a very good state of health at the time . as for the inverted I offered
if you want one still I will put you of my list of make one for them ,

but dont expect it very soon , after I show my new setup to socal Ill make a few

but dont want to do it as a business and dont intend to make alot of them.
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So you're still upset about something that happened over two years ago with no loss of anything to yourself?? Get over it man. Life's to short to let something as trivial as intercooler tubes from two years ago keep bothering you enough to actually keep record of it and post it to a message board just to discredit someone who hasn't ever screwed anyone over by taking money and not delivering.

Originally posted by Vernon C
Manny I'm not making any trouble, just trying to help someone make a wise descision. If someone lied to you a few times wouldn't you tell someone else who was in a position to trust that person? I will. Why is that stupid? I hope that others will still do the same for me. In fact when you were talking about giving stuff away in the past I had others tell me you couldn't be trusted and were generally full of B.S. I caught flack for defending you. I like some of your ideas and such but other than that I have observed you post one major drama after another for years, along with continually promising to produce your inverted blower set-up at any moment. Every time the deadline comes you have another disaster to put it off again. One of your local crew who you actually mentioned as someone who could vouch for you in you post has told me that he's seen your inverted set-up and that he thinks it's cobbled together junk nothing like your photoshop darlings and if you ever do get it to work it won't be any better than stock. He sent me some of your emails with other dramas you write to keep your audience riveted. Over all I saw the light and take everything you post with a grain of salt. Either your the saddest guy on earth who lives a new disaster every month or you're nuts. If all the bad things that you post happened to me, I'd kill myself.

Here's the emails we traded with you telling me about your imminent death (the cancer time) and how I could have your ported tubes for free, just send you my address:

----- Original Message -----
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: March 03, 2002 04:59 PM
Subject: ic tubes

> im useing them right now but will remove them and 3/4 raised top + ported
> intake I have stock ones for smoging my car and dont need them would like
> someone to benifit from them going inverted setup, i will E mail you when
> do , im real sick right now poison they give me for tumor is bad stuff
> me dizzy headachs and puuke I cant even walk right now the bbs is my only
> life right now when im able to ill get outside and remove them then email
> for a address to send them to you . have to do this soon tumor was getting
> smaller now its growing again . do you want a inverted setup ill be
> a few away want to have my name on something befor i die . dont think ill
> around next year. anyway ill email you soon

----- Original Message -----
From: "Vernon Cradier" [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: March 03, 2002 08:13 PM
Subject: Re: ic tubes

> Dear GOD Manny I didn't know you had a tumor also...this doesn't make
> scence, how can so much happen to a decent guy like you. Manny I don't
> mention it much when talking cars but me and my family are firm believers.
> I will surely be including you and your family in our prayers. Get better
> soon, but if this isn't possible do you know Jesus Christ? If not I would
> like to tell you about him.
> As for the car parts I would put the I/C tubes to good use and would love to
> get my hands on one of your inverted blower conversion kits. Your
> genorosity is beyond measure but I'm not destitute you know, I'm not a rich
> guy either but I would like to pay you a fair price. Just like you were
> helping your friends widow by finishing and planning on selling that Camaro
> so you could give her the money I would like to help you and yours during
> your time of need. If you guys got more than you need I'm glad but if y'all
> are just normal like us please let me pay you for them, at least something.
> Let me know how much would be agreeable.
> Take care and get to feeling better soon, I always read your posts because
> they are good. I will look harder for yours now to give a responce if I can
> so you will have plenty of reading to do while you are down and you won't
> feel so couped up.
> Thanks for being so great a guy Manny, men like you don't appear very often.
> Vernon Cradier
> Magnolia Texas

----- Original Message -----
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: March 03, 2002 09:35 PM
Subject: Re: ic tubes

> Vernon we are not rich but id like to make you a inverted setup ive been
> stuck in house but have a plan for a new intake first one was welded exh
> tubeing then i made a alluminum one but both were not up to par for further
> improvements, so im hand carving wax blocks into shape i need then cuting in
> half and grinding out the inside to get max flow then put peices back
> together, suspend peice in bucket and pour plaster of paris until full then
> let dri and melt wax out, then pour alluminum into mold to make a glass
> smooth cast intake im not a machinest so this may seem crude way to do it.
> and time consuming, but its the only way I can make a perfect casting, it
> will fit stock tb but be able to mount bigger tbs also water outlet has to
> be made to reroute as pulley is now in the way, lots of trial and error, +
> made a blockoff plate for return intake says sc, the hardest part was intake
> to blower intake lots of fittings and brackets and the bypass oh that was a
> hard one didnt want to use stock one so used butterflys from carbs on
> handmade shafts with seals hooks to stock return ic passage in good weather
> you could switch from stock to inverted in one hour or less, then half hour
> after lower intake has been installed i made a block off plate to block new
> openning so you can put stock setup back for smoging then return to inverted
> setup fast no removeing lower intake just first installation of modded
> intakeanyway dont need money im set prepaid funeral and all + lots of life
> insurance for family, they will give my cars away as ive written in my will a
> raffle of sorts to people of the sccoa anyway im ttired and need to rest
> always tired dont feel bad i have lots of good days just the medication days
> suck , the rest are cherrished i still sing and race and karaoke i do a darn
> good elvis my favorites are {Lord this time you gave me a mountain }and
> {you saw me crying in the chapel} as my voice is like elvis opera voice and
> I love to sing songs that mention god like amazing grace, im older and now
> more religese than when young god bless and take care I will talk to you
> soon manuel De Anda mannysc

I sent Manny my address and a few more emails about his health and the tubes but he stopped replying.

This is why I'll warn people. If you hadn't went out of your way to recruit testimonials because I was a B.S.'ing trouble maker I wouldn't post this crap. I don't lie about people and I don't like it done about me.

By the way did you ever get your teeth fixed after the blower belt knocked them out? Did the Mexican Mafia take the contract off of your son's life? Did your cancer go into remission? Did your sister get a new house after hers burned in the wildfire? Did you get that legal dispute settled after they emptied your bank account without notice and left you broke? Did you and your brother ever rebuild the garage that burned to the ground and destroyed several classic cars and your SC, killed your dog etc.? Did that poor girl ever show any improvement after the motorcycle accident? I can't even remember them all, this is just some of Manny's life.

Manny the sad part is that some of those things may have acutually happened and I'm a s.o.b. for questioning instead of praying for them. But I don't beleive much of what you say anymore. If that means I'm a bad guy to some of you, so be it.

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Alright think about what I'm about to say really hard. I'm not still upset and I wasn't trying to bash Manny. Go back and read what I said again. If anything I was giving Manny a chance to explain what happened, he never did after numerous emails so I left him alone, now I see him offering to give more stuff away so I mentioned it and let the new guy know that he'll probably send it since he posted this in public but just in case keep looking. I don't know his rep as a seller and I didn't comment as to that, just as a giver. I do know he didn't die, and to be honest I do have doubts as to his honesty because some of the things he has written are over the top, and it keeps on coming.

What did get me upset was how Manny responded to my post, calling me a stupid lieing troublemaker who is full of B.S. Then goes around placing help me out against my enemy posts on other boards to gang up on me. Woudn't you get upset and post your reasoning? I didn't even get nasty about it, just the facts.

He could have said something like "Hey Vern, what are you talking about? I don't remember, please email me." and this would have been a no biggy situation. Why is it all of a sudden I'm the heavy for giving an honest warning, then after being called out about it big time giving the proof?

What would you do?

Now Manny, I understand, I forget things all the time myself. I have just been wondering for a long time and thought I'd ask again. Apology accepted and forget about it, water under the bridge. I will say that it takes a big man to apoligize and you seem sincere, thanks. Catch you later.


P.S. Edit: I was going to remove my post out of the spirit of forgiveness but someone thought they had to quote the whole thing to remind me of what I said, I'll remove mine and it would be nice if we just let this whole thing go.
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What would you do?

Personally, I would have tried sending him a PM through the forums, or tried emailing him in private. There was no need to drag it out on the forums. Your first post didn't seem like a person who just wanted to give someone a chance to explain what happened.

if the shipping postage is riskable go ahead and send it, he's posted this in public, therefore faces public scrutiny if he renigs. But speaking on years of experience with Manny, mine and others, keep looking for another top elsewhere in the meantime
Sounds to me like you know of other people who have had problems wih getting parts from Manny, and you wanted to call him out in public on it. Not so much because you still wanted the parts, but to discredit him. Like I said before, if you really wanted an explaination, why didn't you ask a long time ago?? Two years is a long time to wait to bring something up, and to do it in a thread where Manny posts about giving something away to someone else, is just plain bad practice.
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sorry about the delay ive got the stomach flu I think , not a pretty site,

I have the stuff shedualed for sat morning pickup. the tubes and top are going out with all the stuff im sending out on saturday morn.

sorry cant send it sooner but i have not even been able to stand up let alone drive.

dont worry the parts are packaged and ready for pickup. ill send it to you and you just mail; me the postage when you get the stuff and look it over.
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thanks its cool whenever is fine wth me sorry for pming you and emailing you well i hope you feel better thanks for your help.
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post #22 of 22 (permalink) Old 05-01-2004, 01:25 PM
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the tube and top are on their way , tracking number is ups #
1Z 31E 859 03 1003 252 3
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