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Need A Headcount For Club T-shirts

Ok the final t-shirt rendering has been completed. Now first thing i'm looking for a volunteer to organize the printing of them. I was more than willing to do them but with my limitations due to summer work I do not have time now until August 20th when I return to ames so if you want them before september somebody please step up and take over. No offense to the NOOB's but i would prefer somebody who is well known in the club and has been around for a while. From the poll we had earlier in the year it was decided that we would be offering both light grey and black shirts depending on what you wanted. So this thread is going to be strictly your shirt info. NO OTHER COMMENTS PLEASE. I just want your name, what size of shirt/shirts, and what color of shirt/shirts. If you would like to volunteer to print them please pm me. Also if you have comments on the design please post in the other post called tccoa shirts. whoever ends up ordering the shirts i'm sure will want the cash up front just to save some hassle, i know i would. this will be open for both members and non-members as far as i'm concerned, but if the higher ups have a problem we can change that. It will be nicer for the rest of us being as it will lower the cost of the shirts. Thanks, Dave
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