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Question cats??

I have a 90 sc, and I want to remove the cats, get rid of the stupid 90 degree crap, but will I have a CIL on the whole time, or will it make a difference? I thought I read somewhere that these are the OBD1 cars, and it wont make a difference, is this true???? It will save on HG's as well won't it?? thanks in advance
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also, i saw a thread someone did on removing the mufflers, and going with some str8 pipe, eliminating the muff's and getting a bit of a deeper sound... is this going to do anything with my boost? have lower boost with more flow?
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Originally Posted by MC94XR7 View Post
if you wand deeper you muffle the sound a bit. to do a test: arch yir head back as far as it will go, stick yir tongue out and say "Aaaaaaah" and as you are saying this cup yir hands over yir mouth and voile la! yir voice just got deeper. THEN take left hand and move it out infront of you and bring it back very fast towards yir face with palm facing your face and accelerate trajectory and keep pushing beyond point of impact and repeat with right hand. then the word "Back pressure" may come to mind. if not, repeat procedure.
Well that wasn't very nice... what seems to be your problem?? everyone says to search, so I do... then it's a 'just ask, people here have done it and are willing to help' so again, I ask.... what seems to be your problem? maybe you should try it, and let me know how it works out...
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gotcha... but how do I muffle the sound a bit with out mufflers? I guess I could keep them, but back to my original question... if I remove my cats, will it throw a CIL and also, will this cause me any fuel problems?
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hey thanks for the input... I don't know much when it comes to exhaust... I know I want to get rid of the cats... can't afford the replacements yet... if they are removed, will it throw a check engine light????
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I'm not sure about throwing the light on a 90, but I know on the 94 and up it does. The downstream O2 sensors are monitoring their output. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me will chime in about the CEL. As far as your sound goes, with no cats or mufflers it will sound pretty obnoxious. If getting rid of the cats is your main objective, keep your mufflers; they are easy to delete or change if you don't like the sound.

Mods? Do the ones in the garage waiting to go on the car count?

Many thanks to my fellow Veterans; I am honored to be a part of your ranks.
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cool, thanks for the input... I really believe that I read somewhere on 90's it won't throw a CEL, as far as the cats go, I really want to delete them, any issues this might cause with less boost being the outcome? I don't want to lose boost....
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dude why do u wanna cut off the cats?...u jus gonna be running around releasing emissions and making the envoirment dirty ( which is already dirty enough ) offence but would u like it if i throw garbage in front of ur house? no right...u r gonna be doing the same thing to the air with cats off....

ok come to the point.... it wont throw any codes or cel ( being 90s ) and it will help the engine breath alot easier and u might gain a lil bit of power and gas mileage plus u will gain power more easier if u put cold air intake or do some mods to the intake....but i would get high flow cat instead of putting a backyard pipe in dere....

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Cutting off the cats on a 90 will not throw a check engine light. However the 3.8 without cats sounds like complete garbage. On my 89XR7 I swapped out the stock exhaust for a catless setup with a mid-mounted flowmaster, and anything above 3K rpms sounded like a little honda with a fart can. It was so bad that I was embarrassed to get on the gas in the car.

Also, aftermarket high flow cats are dirt cheap. You can get them on ebay for as cheap as $40 each. Have a couple downtubes bent up, weld in the high flow cats close to the stock location but getting rid of that 90 bend, and then maybe a mid-mounted muffler and see how it sounds. Definitely don't get rid of the cats though, I promise you will hate the sound.

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awesome, thanks for all the input, I appreciate it, and no, I wouldn't like garbage in my front yard... I'll take that into concideration and find me some high flow cats..
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u looks like a wise man...u totally understood wat i meant otherwise i have seen ppl sayin '' oh itz all gud, ntn happens with only 1 car''....i m happy u r getting highflow cats..

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yeah no way you wanna go a v6 w/o cats and or a resenator it sounds terrible. i don't know what your smog laws are but you also want to maike sure they will be compliant with your area. it would be a shame to spend money and end up having to throw it literally away.

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