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Announcements in Forum : Misc For Sale
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Marketplace Rules

General rules about posts in the Marketplace

If you don't have money to buy something, quit wasting the time of these sellers with useless replies for pictures or info of items you have no intention of buying.

Do not clutter up someone else's thread with posts not related to the buying and/or selling of the item in question. NO idle chit chats in others For Sale threads. It is not fair to the seller to do so and it is a pain for buyers to have to wade through all the garbage just to find out more information about said item. We will allow posts that have information related to the item for sale that may be of use to others. If you want to find out what the seller had for breakfast, use PM. We will delete posts without warning.

If you don't think something is worth the asking price, or you found something at another site or a yard sale for less, don't post stating you found a deal on the same thing elsewhere! If you want to bring it to the sellers attention, use a PM. All posts of this nature will be deleted.


Sellers set their own asking price. If you would like to negotiate a price, do it via PM, or email. Publicly humiliating someone over a price will result in the offending post being deleted without warning. Sellers will get the hint, due to the lack of interested buyers, they may be asking too much.


No offensive ads or items that can not be sold legally. No ads for pornography, satellite card hacking equipment etc. Firearms are best sold through legal channels only. The laws are pretty strict concerning buying and selling firearms. In most cases interstate buying and selling of firearms without a FFL is not legal. Check your local, state and federal laws. Questionable ads will be removed without warning.

Sellers bumping a post more than once in a 24 hour period is considered annoying. You may only bump your posts once every 24 hours or more. Excessive bumps may result in the entire thread being removed without warning.

The site offers ***free*** web hosting for pictures, please use this ***free*** feature of the site to include pictures of the items you have for sale. It helps you out by giving potential buyers something to look at instead of a written description of something.

eBay links: Please only post links to YOUR OWN eBay auctions in the Marketplace Forum. If you see something that someone else might be interested in and you're not the seller, post it in the Misc. Forum. Not Misc For Sale. Posts will be moved without warning. If you are the seller and you are posting a link to your item on eBay, you must provide a link to the item or a link to all your auctions on the eBay website.

Forums in Marketplace

Parts For Sale: All posts in the Parts For Sale forum need to be Thunderbird, Cougar or Mark VII / VIII related or somehow related to the TCCoA website. This means only posts with parts for sale for a MN12/FN10/Fox or tools/supplies related to working on them. Do not post whole cars for sale unless you intend on selling the car for parts. Make sure the part you wish to buy will fit/work with your vehicle. Sellers, if you specify a year/make/model your item will work with, make sure the item will actually work with that year/make/model car you are advertising it for.

Cars For Sale: All posts in the Cars For Sale forum need to be Thunderbird, Cougar or Mark VII / VIII related. No parts or cars being parted out.

Misc For Sale: Posts in the Misc For Sale forum will be for items not related to the above two categories.
Computers, home stereos, mp3 players, DVDs etc.

Wanted: Posts in the Wanted forum are for items you are looking for.

Ford Parts HQ: Dan Newman's Own Forum - The best source for Ford and Ford Racing parts at the best prices anywhere! Please do a search of threads in this forum BEFORE posting requests for parts or prices. Dan is a busy man and shouldn't have to spend time responding to the same requests over and over again. He is a busy guy and needs time to send us our parts.

Marketplace Feedback: When you have a transaction, make a post about your transaction, GOOD or BAD. It will help all of us know who to deal with with confidence and who not to. The feedback forum can be found here. Please check the sticky post at the top of the forum for instructions.

As with all posts on the TCCoA, your Marketplace ads are subject to our discretion. We may or may not inform you prior to deleting inappropriate posts.

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