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You'd be better off getting a group buy on Competition Limited headlight harness or if you're serious, an actual HID retrofit setup from

With running just an HID bulb you will just be scattering the light beam. When I tried out an HID kit I thought it was comparable to my high beams, and I'm sure it would have blinded oncoming traffic like high beams, except I had an odd/bad glare that shot out to the side of the vehicle. This wasn't a quality issue, just the nature of the beast of running HID kits in halogen headlamps. In my small town, I did not want to be "that guy in the TBird that blinds everyone," so I returned them.

Like Rob, just trying to save you some money/time with my personal experience.

If you still insist on getting the HID kit...I found the 6000K kit too blue, 4300K will be closer to the halogen color output and is supposed to be better for the human eye to see in.

Originally Posted by Flex View Post
Hey guys,

Anybody on board?

I am also working on these.

Joe, you could make this another thread if it is ok. Thanks.
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