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Originally Posted by Flex View Post
Could you give me more information on what you are referring to when you say the light is "scattering"? Thanks guys.
Two things.

1) The arc of a HID is not at the same place as the 900x filament, so the reflector isn't focused right. Therefore, you get more light "scattered" about and less down the road.

2) A lot of people buy bluer lights than optimal, so the water vapor in the air scatters the light and reflects it back more than optimal. This is often confused with "But it's so much brighter!"

As an example, with my HIR low beams adjusted by spec, I can see mile markers a mile or more away on a clear moonless night when I'm on the road by myself. (I can with others on the road and with the moon, now - but those times, it may not be the headlights!) With the HID high beams, I can ... barely see that same mile marker.

That's because I don't have the projector, so the light is not beamed properly.

Consider taking your current bulb out of the headlamp, and firing it up. How well will it light up down the road just sitting on the fender? Now put it back into the reflector, and how well does it do?

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