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Bring it over now? No I'm not expecting that to happen today, Ford NA missed the boat on it several years ago. Ford in 2005 should have chosen to set up the domestic factories to produce the the Falcon here instead of bothering with the D3 cars and ***** boxes(CUVs). It was a true Ford design, has excellent bones and is no less adaptable. With them being produced here those prices wouldn't be so outrageous.

I say 2005 because it should have been the Crown Vic's replacement, which unfortunately ended up being the Five-Hundred. The uninspiring lump of dull foisted upon the American public and based on a Volvo designed platform (a platform acquired from Nasser's epically failed PAG program). The Taurus and SHO improved on it, sure but it was a 10 year old underperforming platform by then.

The only hope for the future is that Ford NA and Ford AUS pool their resources to build a global RWD chassis to replace both the D3 and the current Falcon. But that's probably wishful thinking. Ford NA's input would probably ruin it if they did

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