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Originally Posted by 1MTNCAT View Post
On a 125 and above that you may want to go to a larger pump. My ZEX dry kit with 125 shot ran on the stock pump for years. Anything above that and you would be pushing it. The box controls the flow to the injectors by raising the fuel pump pressure through the vacuum when the system is activated. Used properly it worked on my Stock NPI/PI swapped Bulitt motor for many years.

Colder plugs and some timing pulled on the nitrous tune also helps
along with controlling bottle temperatures.

The nitrous feed line does not go by the intake charge sensor but at the front of the throat of the throttle body into the air intake system there.

I have since changed the fuel pump and installed an Aeromotive unit along with a 1/2" feed line and 1/8" return line.

When the car comes back out this fall it has all that in place from a previous install.

" ... bottle temperatures." Pfft.

Originally Posted by r429460 View Post
I don't need no stinken bottle.
What you really need is some of this:

But seriously, Steve (1MTNCAT) knows his stuff about Nitrous. He's the subject matter expert here. Go with what he says.

Hi Steve.

Don't forget to check your bottle temperature!

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