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Originally Posted by MaddMartigan View Post
OK, here's a better dose of realism:
  • These cars aren't collectible.
  • They aren't classic.
  • They aren't unique.
  • They don't hold their value.
  • The OEM parts are becoming harder and harder to find.
  • The aftermarket is non-existent.
  • Good. We can actually be real when talking about our cars without uttering the silly word "investment".
  • No, but nor are countless other older cars I'd rather see than the predictable viagra club entries at cruise nights.
  • BS, That's the one thing these cars legitimately are in 2018, they are the anti-everything the current automotive market stands for!
  • Once again, good. This keeps the motivation to sell out low and the cost of entry nil, perfect for a project.
  • Agreed, but there is room to improvise in many areas.
  • The aftermarket is overrated, for Mustangs a third of it is cheesy exterior dress up, the next third are obscenely expensive solutions in search of a problem(actually we have many of these through SCP...), and the last third are solutions to bandaid the often subpar chassis(Fox/SN95), which, minus the weight and some rigidity issues, these aren't bad out of the box for the time.

I would add this one much more damning point though:

  • They are difficult to work on

Few cars have such a diabolical mix of hard to access nuts/bolts, bolts that break in the worst places and rust in the most impossible to fix areas than an MN12. I could build ten Tbirds or Cougars again with your six bullet points in mind, but this one makes me hesitate. This chassis made me appreciate the simple genius of leaf springs lol

I've had mine for 23 years of it's 25 year life. I only still have it because I still have it. Right now it's cheaper to do something with what I have than it is to buy something else.

To each his own. If doing all of this work just to get a car to drive is worth it then game on. It's just my opinion that it's not worth doing. Opinions vary obviously.
I'm going on 13 I think, and I'll freely agree that mine's still around for the same reason, but at the end of the day it ticks all the boxes I want in a car. There are a few cars I'd trade it for without hesitation, but they're all configured basically the same way, which is a biggish American 2 door with a V8, RWD and a stick, and sadly nobody's offered up a 69 428 Mercury Cyclone to swap .

As long as the OP has similar sentiments, more power to him, I just think he'd be better off buying a complete running MN12, or at least start with a 4.6 chassis to make the swap straight forward.


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