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?s for 4v guys

So according to my research the 98 cobra makes 305hp 300tq and my 98 m8 lsc make 290hp and 290tq
I know the cobra has more aggressive intake cams and a better intake but are the heads the same?I know the cobra crank is forged too.
I supposedly already have upgraded intake cams I also have exhaust,90mm mafs,42lb injectors,and a tune..
What gains can I expect from just a cobra intake swap? Will it add a better growl to the engine or increase my intake noise? Can someone forward me a install thread onto a mark8 I haven't found one with pics or a decent detailed write up. I'm wondering what all exactly needs to be swapped over or changed..does the egr line up? Reason I ask that is because for the final tune I will just have the egr turned off for when I do do the swap .
Would it be worth all the work to do cobra heads? Would the whole cobra hci really only be worth 15 tq and hp? Or with my other mods can I expect a little more?
The intake is a for sure and heads a maaaaaaybe. I been seeing complete heads going for dirt cheap..i could have a whole cobra top end and all stuff to install it for under 1000$ . Or I could get just the intake for 300$ range.
What about the later style mach1/cobra intakes, do they fit onto my heads or am I limited to just 96-98 . I read I can use a marauder one but I'm not gonna move my battery and stuff like that to make that one work..

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