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Reasons why you bought your MN12

I dont know if they already have a post like this, but what are the reasons that you bought your MN12. Also what are the thing you don't like about your car.

Ill start it off: I bought mine first of all because it was cheap . But before I had it I did not know much about the Tbird, but I knew it was a beautiful car. My dads training facility was next to auto body shop owner and he had just fixed someones 1990 Thunderbird SC. I mean it was nice leather seats, ground effects, and sunroof. I said to myself I have to get me on of those, but the SC were kind of out of my price range. So while I was on eBay searching around for a new car (because I sold my SSEI). I saw a Blue Tbird for $202 with 20 hours left on the auction. And I ended up winning it for $310 and it also had the V8. So I was like ecstatic because I was about to buy a 1989 Olds Cutlass Supreme for the same price and it needed an engine (I would of felt like a jackass if I bought that ). So me and my dad brought it home 400 miles and he loved it (first because he is 6'7 and drove my moms pacifica up there). My dad said the seat were plushy and comfortable. I loved it too and this is probably the best car I have had.

The only thing I dont like is the cupholders, so I am thinking about putting the 1997 cupholder in there.

Alright this is mine tell my your story

1995 Ford Thunderbird LX V8 stock for now.
Here are the before and after pictures of the Dent Removal

"Said good bye to GM 3800 Supercharged V6 and hello to Ford American V8 Muscle"
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CMP Drag Racing
best ET: 12.410 -- best MPH: 107.61
NMRA MM7270 -- NMCA EFI/? ????
Thank you to the CMP Drag Racing team: Tony, Doug, Maryann, Dale, Paul and Chris.

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first car i ever owned was a red 89 base 3.8, i was 12 and only paid $1000 for it. Had it registered in my moms name because i was too young to own a car lol. She didn't have a car at the time so she would use mine when i was at school.

One day she came to check me out early, when we walked outside I was looking all around in the parking lot for the car but couldn't find it. She started walking down the sidewalk toward our house (we lived a couple blocks away) I asked her where the car was and she said it was gone.

We got home and my brother brought us to the car, it broke down on the side of the interstate when she was coming back from mississippi only 2 weeks after I bought the car. Anyway it overheated and cracked the block. At first I thought it was the headgasket so my oldest brother and I changed it just to have the same symptoms. (water hydrant from tailpipe and car ran like garbage).

anyway, 8 years later in October of '06 I was driving down a back street close to my house. I seen a my blue 5.0 92 tbird sitting out front of the previous owners house with a for sale sign on it. The car just had a new paint job and I could tell it was well maintained. I figured for ****s and giggles I would call them just to see how much they wanted for it. Well I spoke to the owners father and she said the car needed a new engine. I ended up buying the car for $500 and had it towed to my aunts house. Took me a total of about 15 minutes to get it running again. All it needed was a new ignition switch and oil.

Then in March of 08' I went to new jersey to pick up a set of 90 sc 5spds. Paid $2500 for them both and drove them back home.

Now after I blew the engine in my 92 5.0 I dropped the 351w and swapped it to an m5r2. I'm also in the process of restoring both of my neglected sc's to 100% stock condition.

if interested check out my swap thread in my sig

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i've wanted one since i was a kid, i bought the cougar version as sort of a tribute to my 76 cougar.

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I worked as a salesman at Capitol Motors Ford and Toyota shortly after high school and spent most of my downtime drooling over a 94 Cougar (right off the truck) until I sold the car (for over sticker price, no less!). I couldn't afford one, and shortly after tried to pursue college. Anyway, in 2006 my car was damaged badly and I decided to go out and "pay cash for one with rwd". Well, I ended up finding my Coug quite by accident and bought it immediately. It was EXACTLY the same as the one I drooled over in 94 except for a few very minor things. So, I never did end up getting a "one payment plan beater" like I set out to, but I couldn't be happier. Now that I've started my new job, the Coug finally gets to leave daily driver duty and start getting more seriousely massaged!!!! The only things I don't like about most stock MN12's is the fact that they are underpowered in my opinion, but that is why we mod!

Mods? Do the ones in the garage waiting to go on the car count?

Many thanks to my fellow Veterans; I am honored to be a part of your ranks.
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Cheap, two door, RWD. I thought I was in love with Fox Cougars until I drove the 89, and I had to have it. Was the first and only V6 I have or will ever own if I can help it, but otherwise I still enjoy driving the 89.

The 97? I was looking for a Mark VIII and sick of finding expensive, numerous problems and not the color or LSC I was looking for, the Cougar was a go by and see it car, and I bought it.

right after I bought the Cougar found out I was starting a family, but a two door isn't that bad of a family car, and the MN12s have enough rear room for adults and kids in car seats (not too much though).

I still want a 89/90 XR7 5 speed and a 95 SC 5 speed, but I drive a total of 100 miles a month so I couldn't rationalize more cars I think a DOHC or PI swap and some steep gears in the 97 would cure me of wanting an SC/XR7 SC.

97 Mark VIII LSC/Silver/Gray leather
97 Cougar 4.6 Sport/White Opalescent Tricoat Metallic /Gray leather down but not out?
89 Cougar LS 3.8/Oxford White/Gray velour/HG need replaced AGAIN
00 Grand Marquis LS/Vibrant White/Gray velour
63 Falcon 302/black and rust/shed isn't moving
82 F-150/Oxford White/dumb VV carb doesn't pass emissions
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My mother bought my 91 cougar new, and gave it to me when I turned 17. When I got the car, it already had over 200K miles on it, and I beat that car relentlessly for the entire year when I was 17, and it never let me down. Plus it rode and handled great, and was fast enough to get into trouble with, so I loved the car from the beginning. I have a lot of great memories in that car, and I'll never get rid of it.

Over the years, I have had other types of cars, but none of them match up to the MN12 platform in terms of the combination of comfort, handling, size, looks, performance, and general usefulness. There really hasn't been any other car made since that I would give up owning an MN12 for.

-91 Cougar LS, coming soon, complete overhaul with a 427" Windsor.
-90 XR7 5-speed black on black w/sunroof, MP2, coated rotors, double intercooler, 15%OD, ported heads, comp stage 1 cam, 85mm TB, 90MM LMAF, 80# injectors, and ported big valve heads
-98 Mark VIII LSC, Procharger P600b, TR3650 swap and 3.73s.
-90 SC Automatic rustbucket winter beater
-97 Tbird Sport 4.6 Nice weather daily driver
-"Your buddy Mike is INSANE!" -ClintD's dad
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Originally Posted by Bangster View Post
I still want a 89/90 XR7 5 speed and a 95 SC 5 speed, but I drive a total of 100 miles a month so I couldn't rationalize more cars I think a DOHC or PI swap and some steep gears in the 97 would cure me of wanting an SC/XR7 SC.
There is no cure for wanting an SC! The only option is expensive treatment, namely OWNING an SC. After a few rounds of chasing intermittent vacuum leaks and drivability problems, you won't want an SC anymore, but shortly after you stop treatment, you will want one again. It's a life-long struggle.

-91 Cougar LS, coming soon, complete overhaul with a 427" Windsor.
-90 XR7 5-speed black on black w/sunroof, MP2, coated rotors, double intercooler, 15%OD, ported heads, comp stage 1 cam, 85mm TB, 90MM LMAF, 80# injectors, and ported big valve heads
-98 Mark VIII LSC, Procharger P600b, TR3650 swap and 3.73s.
-90 SC Automatic rustbucket winter beater
-97 Tbird Sport 4.6 Nice weather daily driver
-"Your buddy Mike is INSANE!" -ClintD's dad
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Mine was given to me........

1997 Laser Red Thunderbird LX V8, grey cloth, third cat replaced with X-pipe, SLP Loudmouth 1's, 2.25" duals, (loud as all hell)
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I love stories!!!

In 99 my dad totaled our 89 Taurus and bought a silver 93 LX T-Bird 3.8 with 70,000 miles for $4600. It was CLEAN too!
I started driving it my senior year of high school in 04 ( I think I gave my parents like $500 or something for it). I LOVED the car: stylish, sporty, comfortable, awesome turning radius, and a FORD. The car is now pushing 300,000 miles and still drives great. (course the odo. is broken)
In November of 05 I had a little fender bender with a Impala (my fault) and never fixed the car. That was till November 06 when a 96 Pathfinder pulled out in front of me and totaled my car (not my fault) Because I got screwed over by his "insurance" company and the fact that the police officer filled out the report wrong, his "insurance" company did not pay for my car. So a couple thousand $$$ and several months later the 93 was back in business.
My dad then really wanted me to get another car, one with airbags and I had my mind set on another Bird. I told him: "You want me to have airbags? OK. Then I get a V8 too."
In March of 08 I found my white 95 sitting at a pawn shop. It had the leather, sunroof, V8!!! and a Xenon kit!!!! I was in love again. I paid $2600 for the car (they wanted $3600) with 135,000 mi (course the odo. is broken). Only problems are the airbag light, check engine light and the odo.
And that's that. I love the car and have no intentions of getting rid of it. I just wish I had more $$$ to do the mods I want. (pics of the damage here)

1995 Thunderbird LX 4.6 (stock for now!): Xenon Kit, Air Silencer removed, True Duals with Flowmaster 44's - GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN - I will be back one day with another MN12

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Mom and Dad traded our '80s Aerostar van for a '90 ('91?) electric red cougar, spoiler, sunroof, 5.0, looked sharp. That was the family car for a few years, and it made an impression. I also remember dad talking about prefering the Thunderbirds (he has a soft spot for them too, he had a '56 in high school and hung on to it for years), but the cougar was a lot car that the salesmen loaded-up and drove around town, so we got a deal on it.

Years later when I was looking for my first car after high-school I went looking for Tbirds. I looked at a pearl white '94 with a ton of miles and some shady history, and a cherry '92 5.0.... so I went home with the '92 champagne LX. And since then I've done my best to drive it into the ground

The cougar is long gone, but my Mom drives an electric blue '94 V8 to work when she can't find an excuse to take the '03 Cobra. I'm about to take off to South Korea for an unspecified amount of time, and I'm leaving my pile with Dad. The interior is falling apart, AC needs fixing, I won't even start with the stereo or dash (some unskilled thieves left their mark on those, along with the DS window trim), and the tranny is slowly going south. But it's still a blast to drive I just wish I had the time to finish the T5 and motor swaps, and maybe tidy up the interior. Oh well, I'm sure Dad'll at least keep the throttle cables limber while I'm gone.

(this pic doesn't even include the F150, Econoline pickup, my brother's '89 SC, or the ford-powered 'stude and Volvo 1800 . We've never held brand prejudices, but we seem to be blue regardless)

math > pasta

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If you must know. I paid $200 for mine. I bought it cause it had a V8 and I wanted some power. It did have a blown motor. So I put a reman in and drove it since. I fell in love with this car. It is a 93' 5.0L. Later on I had to have the tranny rebuilt. It is practically new. The suspension is all new. I just need some interior parts and a paint job and it will be like new. It used to have all kinds of go fast goodies. I took all of it off when gas started going up. I would proabably put it all back on but I sold it all. Now the bird may have to go.

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My grandfather gave me his 91 cougar 3.8 before he passed away, I treated that car like it was my child, then it got totaled (not my fault). I read about supercoupes and thought they were sweet so I found one on craigslist for $750. Offered the guy $675 and went down there with a tow truck. Now it's mine and has a brand new motor and hauls ass

1990 Thunderbird SC
HP: 250
TQ: 361
1/4: 14.3 @ 97.5 <- first time ever doing a pass
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It was cheap and available, so I got it. Now I'm looking to buy a better one.

I'm Mister_T and I approve this message.
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The AFDB is on a lil tight.
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My roommate had a slightly modded 95 4.6 t-bird with a j-modded tranny mark8 TC etc etc. I drove its fro a couple months while carless and fell in love with it. Its had a little room, nice power, handled great. And the price tag in 2007 for a 94 was awesome at 2900 for a very well kept and well maintained bird. It just needed the typical suspension rebuild but I went way beyond that. I like the think of the bird as a modern muscle car because of its rwd v8 2 door configuration and the interior is quite sporty too.

Spinning pies like wheels.

DD driving my 20 year old project

Now with new ball joints...again
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Mine was a high school graduation present, who am I to turn it down?

- Alex B.
Ranger Up - Not everyone's war stories end in high school.

Out of the Thunderbird game for now.
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I just stole the *****.

Nick......................I'm back!!!
May you fly low and fast
rest in peace JL
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Originally Posted by _95badbird View Post
I just stole the *****.

math > pasta
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My 87 t-bird had gone to rust, I was driving a 94 Chevy astro Rockwood edition. I needed a car, and it was cheap. ($250) It needed a transmission ($350) and later we found out that it needed an engine too (Free). Grand Marquis Transmission, and a CrownVic police engine later. I had a car.

'95 T-Bird - Light green, 98 Crown Vic Police Interceptor Engine, 96 Grand Marquis Tranny, 3.27 Trac-loc, Ford MotorSports Trans cooler, Sport Springs, Blaupunkt Richmond, Memphis Car Audio 5x7's, Cerwin-Vega 150.2 powering mids/highs, Volgenhag 4-channel 1200w amp (junk), 2 Memphis Car Audio 12's

'88 T-bird turbo - Silver, 5spd, Rebuilt Engine, t-3 .63, Custom FMIC, Bobs Big Log, Bob's 3" Elbow, Walbro 255lph, Maximum Motorsports Coil-over Kit, Bilstein HD struts, Hypercoil 200# 14" Springs, Caster/Camber Plates, Ranger Roller, Gillis Valve at 20#, 3in. Side-Dump Exhaust, NGK Iridium XI Plugs, Jacobs C-4 Coil, High Volume Oil Pump, MAX PSI Oil Lines, Poly Bushings, 245/50/R16 Nitto 450's, Autocross car
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my grandparents gave me the 93. when it developed a rod knock, it sat for a few months in storage. i was starting to miss driving it, so i bought another.

2014 GT
1990 300ZX TT
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Because Mustangs are way to common.

Mods? Yea, I got mods ...
Air silencer delete, warp drive, dilithium crystals, flux capacitor, Slingshot Rubber band power adder, Moonshine & Gas, Leaf Blower Supercharger, Hamster Wheel & Hamster, Energizer Bunny generating 1.21 gigawatts, Mr. FusionŽ Home Energy Reactor, hover conversion and a sextant celestial navigation system (The original GPS)
Best 1/4: 1,320 nanoseconds @ 670,616,629.2 miles per hour

"There isn't that much difference anymore between spacecraft, aircraft and modern automobiles..." - Keith Henry, NASA's Langley Research Center
See a list of my real mods and pictures of my car HERE. The true performance of my car was made possible by the Carolinas Crew Chief, RobertP at Rob's Tire & Auto
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It was given to me by my mom. Then I started to read up on them and like them.

1992 Thunderbird Sport
Cats/Mufflers Delete
Air Silencer Remove
Loud and Slow

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first car, bought by parents.. choice 95lx v8 with 96,000miles or 96 lumina with 76,000miles. the bird was seemingly less practical at the time, but I couldn't get out of my head how much I enjoyed driving it for the weekend that the dealership let me have it to test it out. The rest is history. My 97LE I bought because it seemed like a decent deal and a well taken care of car, plus my 95lx is getting up there in miles and I needed a backup for when I was working on the 95.

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Well my first car was a Bird. Loved it. I'm on my 6th one. But the reason I bought this one was I had just sold my 95 t-bird and I needed a car and couldn't find anything in decent shape. Well I came across the 92 bird and said ah...what the heck. So yeah....

Thing I don't like.... No cupholders

Proud Mom of 2 beautiful daughters and 2 handsome sons!
1991 Sport~ 5.0L H.O.~ 117k~ My blank canvas project
1992 Sport~ 5.0L H.O.~ 165k~ But rocking the SC ground effects (TOTALED 01/2014)
2004 GMC Yukon~ 5.3L~ 104k~ Mommy Mobile!
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I've already owned a T-Bird years ago................when BOTH my Sons bought
MN-12 cars I had to join the fun!

To ALL my fellow Veterans......................Thanks!

U. S. Army 1971 - 1974

1980 Thunderbird - R.I.P.
1992 Super Coupe five speed
1990 35Th "Anni" Super Coupe automatic - R.I.P.
1994 Super Coupe five speed
1994 4.6 LX Thunderbird automatic - R.I.P.
1995 4.6 LX Thunderbird automatic - R.I.P.
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I bought my dad's 86 Bird when he decided to buy a newer 93 Bird. He got sick in 1998 (compications from Parkinsen's) and didn't need the car, so i sold it. He died later that year (don't feel bad he was 84 and in good health till the last 6 months). A few years later I ran into the guy I sold the 93 Bird to. He said that he might be selling it. Well , I ended up buying it back from him. I still have the 86 Bird too.

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Just needed a car, since I'm not sure how many more miles my Corsica can deliver.

I called a friend and asked if he knew of a good cheap car for sale. He took me down to see the '94 Tbird, and I fell in love with it. V8, RWD, swoopy body style, V8, RWD, comfy interior, V8, RWD.....

The guy wanted $1200 for it, so I took it for a test drive. While it started up fine and ran smooth as silk, it wouldn't go any faster than 25 mph due to some major slipping in the tranny. I told the guy the trans was shot, and we checked the dipstick (the one for the tranny fluid.....not the seller) and it was up to par. So he takes it for a drive, realizes the trans was indeed shot and dropped the price to $800. Then he asks if I want the stereo in it, because it had the typical Big Bang stereo with amp and subs in the trunk. I said nope, I have my own CD player head unit, and no need for all the extra rattling. So he drops the price to $500 and gets to keep all his pounding bass for some other ride. Sold.

Trailered the car to another friends place who owns his own shop business who offered to change the tranny for me since I don't have a lift. I tracked down a reman'd tranny for $500, had it delivered to my workplace, then took it to the shop. The tranny switchout cost me $300 (fluid and labor) total. So I have into the car about what I was willing to pay in the first place.

Then the fun began.....some minor bodywork and paint (coming up), stripes and a scoop, modded the intake tube underneath for a ram air setup, J-Mod soon, etc.
I feel the car is worth it. Trying to make it somewhat unique though, hence the "Thunderbird XX" badging. We'll go from there, mostly cosmetics. Until I find another MN12, this one has to stay within my Daily Driver specs. Otherwise......I could get into an awful lot of trouble with it and spend a ton of $$ modding everything else to accomodate that 428CJ I've been eyeballin'

I'd never be able to keep the halfshafts intact....

Delete my account.
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The wife made me! Actually, she was looking for another car and her friend had it for sale because she thought it was to big. The wife called me to look at it, once I checked it out, she took care of the rest of the purchase before I knew about it. She didn't shop around for the loan and ended up paying 14% interest! Oh well she was the one making the payments.

1988 Cougar 3.8
1995 40th Anniversary Edition 4.6
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Back in Black

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I wanted an MN12 since 94. So I bought one.

R.I.P. Joel Bender 07/30/79 - 03/26/06
R.I.P. Johnny Langton 1975-2011

1997 Thunderbird LX 4.6 AED 349.27RWHP/391.29RWTQ Engine Build Exterior shots
2002 Thunderbird Premium Triple Black 3.9
2015 Fusion Energi SE Luxury Magnetic Gray
*SCRAPPED* 1994 LX 4.6 NA [email protected] 236.07RWHP/286.26RWTQ
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I just wanted a $2K car I could invest $10K into...

Mostly stock...

For now...
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