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How you got your car

I was thinking the other day to my self.... self you shold start a thread on how you got you cougar/thunder bird and how other people have gotten theirs.

well my car was origanly my grandmothers and my car was a 1987 boneville (my dads old car) well the car being as old as me wasent in the best shape. and suddely after a week of me driveing it it broke.... . so we were down a car and my grandmother had an exra car (I thoght it was some old grandma car).
then a week later i got to drive it and well it was an experience. so i then proceded to work on my dad to get the car. long story short he is now driving a new voltswagon(spelling?) jetta , the car that 75 percent of gay men drive and i have the kick butt cougar. got the car for free, there goes my christmas present for the next few years
thanks guy keep this thread going and tell us how you guys got your car.

95 4.6 cougar with a custom intake and exhauste.
ya thats all i got i know im boring.

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Back in Black

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I went to the car lot and bought it.

I saw the bird and said that's what I wanted, they tried to get me into... a Mustang (too small), a Camaro (oversized Go kart with a body), and an Eclipse (too cheaply made). They finally gave up and sold me what I came for.

R.I.P. Joel Bender 07/30/79 - 03/26/06
R.I.P. Johnny Langton 1975-2011

1997 Thunderbird LX 4.6 AED 349.27RWHP/391.29RWTQ Engine Build Exterior shots
2002 Thunderbird Premium Triple Black 3.9
2015 Fusion Energi SE Luxury Magnetic Gray
*SCRAPPED* 1994 LX 4.6 NA [email protected] 236.07RWHP/286.26RWTQ
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got mine from a guy who owned a junkyard...he bought it for himself and never drove dad is real good friends with him and i needed a car about 3 months after my latest "incident" (tree head on in a truck...not good) so we bought it from him

to make the long story short, im now hooked and i get all the free parts from the birds down there i want

Owner, for some strange reason, has decided to spend her money on Photography Equipment. Preferably Canon. Any chance of Donations to a poor college Equine Science student? hehe

I can try, can't I?....

Oh, and I can't wait for Halloween Weekend!!!

My other Favorite places: MySpace, Myspace Blog, Facebook, Photography on the Net, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
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See my site for my current bird.

My first bird I bought off of my dads lot WAY back when (it was a 1977)

My second I bought from Dad because my girlfriend blew the motor in my Probe (remind me to thank her)

My third I got because I finally nagged dad enough about scanning the auctions for a V8 Low mileage Sport

which brings us to my current car (see my site!)

1997 Thunderbird Sport
Low Miles
Wifes Car
destined to remain stock

1997 T-Bird GT 4.6
80 MM Mustang GT MAF - P&P'd Mustang GT TB and Intake Plenum - PI Intake manifold - PI Heads
Mark VIII Torque Converter - J-Modded 4R70W transmission - Mark VIII Aluminum Driveshaft - 3.73 gears
PBR Brake Calipers - Eibach Springs - KYB Shocks
'89 SuperCoupe front and rear sway bars
SCT Chip programmed by Lonnie Doll
255/50/16 Falken Ziex ZE-512's
True Dual exhaust with Magnaflow DI/DO muffler
<<< SOLD >>>
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Who is John Galt?

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Got mine because some girl rear-ended me 4 days after i got my liscense. It wasn't enough to total my car (1989 Cavalier Z24, there's a story in that car by itself), but my mom thought that that car was not safe enough. So we looked around the lot (we're good friends with the salesman and the owner). Looked at another cavalier (no way), then a Monte (didn't want one, everyone at my school had one), then a Neon. I almost bought the Neon, then I priced insurance. That shot the Neon out of the equation. Then they got the Cougar on the lot. I test drove it, liked it, bought it. Got $1800 out of the cavalier (ins. money and trade) and I only paid 1k for it. Now I'm here

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Oldest sister killed my old 1989 Tempo and was now going to own my 1989 Grand Am, so my parents found a 1997 Thunderbird on the air force base they work at, so they took me to buy it. Guy's wife was selling it because he was overseas and was going to get a brand-new car when he got back anyway. Oh well, more MN12 for me.

"Push the stands back, take the plates off, and let us RACE!" ~ Dale Earnhardt, Sr.
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Stroked and Blown
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My father and I went to Carmax on 03/19/01 to find me a car. I had looked at other Thunderbirds around town....I really liked this '94 4.6 but it was all dogged out.....anyways, when I was at Carmax, I was actually looking for a Thunderbird. While I was at carmax, the last car in the last row I was looking through was a 1996 Ford Thunderbird 3.8 with only 27K and loaded!. $9,995.00. With $5,000 in cash from the car I sold previous (1960 Plymouth Fury....long story, pm me if ya wanna know about it) I decided to buy it. I had her paid off by the summer of 03'. My balance after downpayment was like $6,*** including taxes and tags. I found out about TCCoA in the spring of 2002. I didnt become a member until july of 2003, and i registered for the boards in october of 2003.

My other home:

'96 Ford Tbird 3.8 SC
'06 Chrysler Sebring "Vert 2.7

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I found both of my cars on

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Down the alley, the ice-wagon flew,
Heard a bump, and somebody screamed,
You should have heard just what I seen.

Who do you love?

-Bo Diddley
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Bought my '96 still new on the lot in '97. They really wanted to move it by then, so I got a great price - 'paid cash! (I'd made some good money in tech stocks but still had long stringy hair, etc. - they probably thought I was a dope dealer... )


'96 T-Bird 4.6 LX, SVT Cobra Rs, 245/50R17 BFG Comp T/A, D-chip
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I was originally going to get my dad's 87 v6 but my gramma showed up one day and said she seen a nice blue thunderbird sitting at a junk yard for sale a few miles away. So we went to look. It was a 95 v6 with 114,000 but it was only 1,000. I liked the color a lot and for some reason the floor shift was much more apealing to me than the column shift on my dad's car. It had some damage to it but we are farmers so it wasnt going to be hard to find a way to cobble something together, even if it wasnt quite right. The also said they would give us a radiator for it, which was completely gone, ripped out from the looks of it by a stump or something. Well, the gave us a radiator for a 91 instead of a 95 and said that was all they had and blah blah blah, so we made that fit with a mechanical fan instead of the stock electric one. But, I'm happy I went with this one over my dad's. Sadly, though, since I didnt take my dad's it has just sat there for the last two years falling apart.

A guy walks into an autoparts store and says "I would like a windshield wiper for my Honda Civic." The clerk thinks a minute then says "I guess that's a fair trade..."

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Big MC
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i got mine cuze my dad bought it for me. I rolled his 1996 Ranger in the middle of an intersection . There were three cars involved. The ranger was toatled.

My T-Bird On
1994 Thunderbird LX- Stock 3.8L V6, Cool air intake.
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I got mine because I totaled my first car (86 chevy celebrity), got the first one from a kia dealership, had it three days and a dumb girl rear-ended me...looked for another, and found the current one...V8, leather, and a grand less than the first (v6, cloth) I was happy.
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I read the paper, called the owner, gave him money, then drove the car home.
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I looked on E-bay found a 1993 v6 in Rhode Island spent $$$ to fix body work and mechanical now I want a v8 1993 lol

87 GN,94 Prizm,05 Suburban Z71
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Saw the car on the lot, opened the hood, saw the word SUPERCHARGED, closed the hood and asked where do I sign. I have been in love with my SC since then. Well not the day I had to do my UCA's but Im sure we all felt that way.
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Saw it on eBay listed poorly, without a pic. Start price was $5300, and it didn't get a single bid. It was in Manchester NH (couple hours drive) so I called him up and we met halfway. I already knew what to expect but when I saw it person and drove it I was in love. everything about it was 10 times better than my 89, and it still had 6 months of warrenty on it. Went home and got a loan the next day. I didn't even try to talk him down because this was in the summer of 2002, and $5300 was a very nice price at the time. Drove to his house and bought it on July 3rd. Drove it home.

Matt "Looks Like Egon" Davis
96 Alpine Green V8
98 Audi A8 4.2Q in Racing Green Totalled
02 Audi A8L 4.2Q in Black

I buy my OEM Ford parts at 10% over dealer cost from Steve in White Bear Lake, MN.
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Wanted a Bird my whole life, bought a V6 '93 Cougar. Stupid teen pulled out in front of me killing the cat. Told myself my next car had to be T-Bird (I did not care what it was powered by). My uncle worked at a car lot in Louisville and said he had 3, Gold V6 93, Blue V8 94, Green V8 95. The blue one was gone when I arrived and they actually wanted more for the 93 due to mileage, so I picked the green one. And I still have it today.

T-Bird Registry Number 27526
My Car Domain Site
My Space:
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I also wanted a t-bird since I was a little kid. More specifically I wanted a 96/97. Then one day I heard that my uncle who sells salvage cars had recently obtained a 96 tbird and that it was a V8. I imidiatly got excited. A few weeks later I got home from work and there it was. My uncle had come to show me the bird. I test drove it and was in love. Bought it for $2400(salvage title). It's Alpine green with a tan leather interior and had 120Kmi when I got it last August, now it has 131K miles.

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got my cougar for 600 bucks, "needed" a new car b/c mine wasnt highway safe (since when is a metro doing 80 with excessive body roll not safe ). anyway called teh guy, he wanted 700, talked him down to 6, and it was in my driveway. 6 cylinders accelerates way faster than three does, i can only imagine what 8 would be like.


Project Rust Prevention: 1990 Buick Regal, Toilet Capacity engine, new trim paint, 57K miles
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Sweet T
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My First bird I kinda.. weasled my way into. My dad bought himself a car to drive to and from Missouri when he takes trips back that way.. well.. I was just out of highschool and needed a car to drive to and from work. Well.. we all know how long the only to-and-from work lasted. lol. Well.. I got that car Novemberish of 2001 and I had it until December of 2004 when it was rear-ended by a Neon and totalled.

I had my 94 SC purchased for 2100 before the end of December and it sat until a couple months ago while I waited on a Harmonic Balancer. I was still driving the totalled LX. The LX started getting parted out the minute the SC was running and I just today had the LX hauled off.
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I had a 96 Monte Carlo, and was driving in a blizzard trying to get someone to Toronto early in the morning so they could catch a train. Well, made it there, but on the way back home, the blizzard turned out to be too much for my piss poor tires, and I lost control when I hit a patch of ice, and totalled the car into a guard rail. Insurance didn't cover it, because I didn't have collision coverage, and I am stuck paying the remaining 3 years on the loan for it. So, I didn't have hardly any money, and still needed to get a car.

Looked around and found a 1991 Cougar XR7 for $750. Didn't know much about it, but the price was right (that is all I could afford). Saw it, loved it, and talked them down to $500.
Drove it home, and been a Cougar freak from that day on.
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Graduation Present... First mom and dad wanted to get me a neon (eww) then they wanted to get me a grand am or grand prix (still eww, but a little better) then a friend of my mom's had an old turbo coupe for sale, we looked at that and it was in terrible condition, but I loved it. I didn't get that one, but went on the hunt for a t-bird (with the V8, not the turbo 4). Found mine and bought it.

Since then I bought another V8 as a parts car, and I've had 2 Turbo Coupes... both fun, but I've never had good luck with those in the reliability dept.

As for the sport... 4 years now and the only real mechanical problems I've ever had were standard car issues (needing brakes, a belt and tires) and my aftermarket electric fan dying. I honestly couldn't ask for a more reliable car!
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Sounds like you might be interested in Tbird Confessions too.

For me I had a dyeing 1990 bas bird. Well it just need too much stuff for me to sink money into for a base model tbird. It was the year 2000 and I was looking in the paper and saw a picture of my current birdy in there. I noticed the discription said it had only 28K miles (this is in 2000) and the price was almost right for me. So I should the car dealer ad to my father and the next day we went down there. The day after that I drove a 1990 crappy bird to the stealership and drove away with a beautiful, mint condition, low milage, 1995, 40th anniversary Tbird. I had the 90 and my father had a 1994 v8 bird at the time so I knew about these cars and knew that this was the best one I was going to find in my price range. It was actually a little higher but we worked things out and it all came out okay in the end. I should have kept the ad. oh well.

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1997 Lincoln Mark VIII, LSC - Green/Tan Leather, Sunroof, etc. FOR SALE. Inquire within.

Current car: 1999 Corvette

The 40th Anniversary Tbird is gone. Her old website & CarDomain page

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My friend who owns a dealer/mechanic shop had just picked it up from a Honda dealer(was a trade in) and it was a one owner car.

Felt attracted to it, and bought it for 1800

1996 Tbird 4.6
My Site
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The 94 T'Bird: I drove past it every day to and from work for close to a month. They had a For Sale sign, but no price. And I thought it was a V6 (one side didn't have the badge). Then one day they put the price of $4000 on it and the same day I noticed the V8 emblem on the other side. I got it for $3700 the next day.

The 97 LSC: I accidentally bought it!!! It was on eBay and had hardly any bids on it. It had one day to go and was at $4800. It was a nice car and they had usually been going for over $10K, so it was well out of my price range. But being such a nice car, I thought I would help the guy out so I bid $6500, never expecting to be the winner. A few days after the auction ended I check to see what it closed at and saw $6400 as the final bid. I thought, “Why didn’t it take my bid of $6500”… OH CRAP IT DID!!!! I just bought a car!!! I hadn’t checked ANYTHING on the car, just looked at the photos. I hadn’t checked into financing, insurance, plane fare…. Nothing, nada. Flew to Dallas, paid for it, and drove it home.

The 95 Cougar: I was looking for a “decent” car for about $500 for my girlfriend *cough* biatch *cough* at the time and was having absolutely NO luck locally! So I started looking for T’birds on eBay and most of them were easily breaking $1000. So I thought, “Well hey, the Cougar is the same as the T’bird” and I searched on Cougars. I found one with just 4 hours to go with the high bid of $200!!! Nice body (except the roof), Limited Edition wheels, Hypertech chip, new brakes, new shocks, new tires, remote start/alarm system… BUT, no second gear, check engine light and an engine miss. And it was in NJ. My Dad lives in NJ, so I checked his location and the location of the car and they were 20 miles apart. I found out I could fly to NJ on Southwest out of B’ham for $100 to Philadelphia, which is also 20 miles from my Dad’s house. I bid $750 on the car not expecting to win the auction, but hoping. The auction closed at…. $213!!! I flew up there, scanned the EEC, replaced the plugs/wires/MAF and drove it 14 hours home! Took it to a transmission shop and paid $800 for the new transmission and full custom exhaust (It helps when a good friend owns an AAMCO shop…right across the street from an exhaust shop…)

So I’ve been pretty “lucky” to say the least.

97 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC (Chip'd, 3.73 T/L... so far... )
97 Ford Aspire (Slow, but getting 36 mpg (f'n Ethenol!! )
84 F250 Dually w/6.9L Diesel (7.3L IDI pending)
73 Mercury Cougar Convertible w/351C 4V (Partially Restored)
69 F100 LWB w/460 Engine
76 Glastron Carlson 23' Jet Boat w/460 CJ Engine
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Well, I owned an Opel (Vauxhall for you UK folk) for a while. Great car. For some reason I just started surfing around a dutch auction site and found a bunch of T'birds. Being that my budget was pretty small at the time I just didn't bother with it much.

Fast forward 2 months. I had more budget so I looked again. Found a cheap bird that still looked good (the others were all crap, or V8 which I didn't want to get, considering the fuel prices over here). The only V6 left was the one I own now.

Went to see the car, and it looked okay. Unfortunately the whole "*drool* gimme gimme" impulse won out and I bought it on the spot without giving it a thorough going over.

Came back to bite me in the *** because, if the car cost $X, I spent 4*$X in parts by now.

But I like it. And I will fix it. And drive it till it really falls apart.

Member of the "Dude, where are my 2 other cylinders" club.
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went to a car lot and bought it.

97' silver t-bird sport- limo tint, pioneer head unit, Magnaflow duals, and k&n panel filter for now.

05' Cobalt Blue Chevrolet Cobalt- commuter car.
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Heavily Medicated Crime Fighter
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I ordered mine back in 93 and seven weeks later she showed up at the dealership.

"Mark M. TCCoA VP. Emeritus"

To the Batmobile ! ! !

ADDCO MN12 big bar R&D guru
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my father gave me my first car when i was 17, it was a 1990 base Tbird 3.8. I drove that for a year and then it was stolen and it was totaled when they recovered it. So i took the money from that plus some i had saved up and bought a 1993 Thunderbird LX 3.8. Drove that for a year and then i found my current car on autotrader close by. 1997 Thunderbird LX 4.6, only has 32k on it. So i sold my 93 for $2900 and went down to the dealership and bought the 97. and thats where I am now.


2007 Dodge Ram 1500
2008 Suzuki GSX-R1000

Previous Rides:
2003 Suzuki GSX-R750
2003 Mustang Cobra 10th Anniversary - 11.2 @ 130
1997 Thunderbird LX 4.6 - 13.7 @ 103
1993 Thunderbird LX 3.8 - Slow
1990 Thunderbird 3.8 - Slower
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A lady pulled out in front of me when I had my 97 escort. she stopped I slid and bang totaled. My brother found My 97 Cougar when he was at the bakery in his 91 cougar. The car was owned by an old old lady. (I think she was using it as a grocery getter. NOT any more). $7,000 with 40,000 miles.

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