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Your Closest Call?

On the road, with your car? Try not to post street racing stuff here since it isnt allowed here.

Mine happened tonight, scared the heck out of me. Me, and my friend met two other friends up at Cici's Pizza place. After that we went to one of the friends house, just to shoot the sh1t. Then we decided to head over to my place to shoot some pool, and hang out. My friend doesnt know how to get to my house, so I toyed with him a bit....

Theres a two lane road, and I figured I could loose him here. we got up to 80, and he was still close to see me, so I said to my friend "Theres a church up here, cops hang out here sometimes, so I'll wait till we get around the corner, then I'll lose him here" we passed the church, and I downshifted and floored it, and started to walk away from him....

Rounded the corner, at 105 and a cop goes past me the otherway. I FREAKED OUT. The wost kinda words came out of my mouth, I crested the hill, and saw a country road at the top. I quick mashed the brakes, and turned, git the gravel in the middle of the road, and did a little drift. went a few miles down the road, and pulled down into a driveway in the trees. My friend follows me after a minute, and was like "WTF?" I'm like, "DUDE, DID YOU SEE THE COP?" Hes like "" He was doin 80, tryin to catch up...

I turned off my foglites, and put on my driving lights to give it a different look, and went 5 below the limit all the way home. Well, after we turned off the main road to get to my house, I check my mirror, and he is gone. Me and my passenger are like "WTF!!" We turn around and he is gone. I still dont know what happened to him, but we turned around and went home, and I tryed to calm down...

BTW, my friend has a 95-something F-150 shortbox, with a 5.0. If this is inapropriate, please remove it.

edit: My friend just called me, his mother called him, he had to go home..

94 LX V8 & 93 SC gone. Not forgotten.
1992 Lincoln Mark VII LSC Cobra U/L intake, PP 65mm TB, Powerdyne BD-11 8#, Walbro 255, FRPP 30lb Injectors, MSD ignition, 3.8 Taurus E-fan, A9P MAF conversion, Pypes 1&5/8" Shortys, O/R H-Pipe, 4.10 Trac-Lok, T-5 swap, FRPP flywheel, Ram HDX clutch, Steeda Clutch kit
2002 F150 FX4 Lariat 6" Fabtech, 3" BL, Stock FX4 wheels, 37x12.50 Nitto Trails, Yukon 4.56s, Detroit TrueTrac, Edge Evo, 8K HIDs, PowerStop truck&tow kit
1996 GMC Suburban SLT 6K HIDs, crystal clear light set, daily beater @ 222k miles

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It was the summer of 2001 (I was 17), and I had only owned my current bird a couple months. I used to take a winding road through the mountains as a "shortcut" from school instead of taking the interstate. Loving the corners, I always went faster than I should have, and being that there are only a couple places to pass, I would always pass anyone I got stuck behind. Well one time I went to pass where I shouldn't have. I got up next tot he car I was passing, and another car came around the next corner at me. Both the car I was passing and the coming on slammed on their brakes and I was just able to get back into the right hand lane before me and the oncoming car met. I'd say I was less than half a second away from a serious head on accident with a combined speed well over 100mph, with cars behind me and the oncoming car, it could have been a bad four car accident.

That was a slap in the face, telling me to smarten up! I'm glad nothing tragic happened, but also sort of glad it was serious enough to slap the stupid out of me. It wasn't a pant sh*tting experience, but certianly not one I would ever want to be in again.

Matt "Looks Like Egon" Davis
96 Alpine Green V8
98 Audi A8 4.2Q in Racing Green Totalled
02 Audi A8L 4.2Q in Black

I buy my OEM Ford parts at 10% over dealer cost from Steve in White Bear Lake, MN.
You drive "like a man possessed"... by a woman!
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I was maneuvering a cloverleaf exchange - I35 South to I-240 West in OKC...I had my own lane but I thought no one was coming...I had checked or so I thought. I went across the 3 lanes pretty quick and nearly slammed this lady against the retaining wall in her little car. Completely missed though. I felt for her. I almost killed her. I stayed way behind her after that.

A man may smile and bid you hail
Yet wish you to the devil;
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Belt Pkwy, NYC. Speed limit is 50. Everyone is cruising along at 65. If you are familiar with the Belt you know that it is heavily congested. This was an ok morning as there were no delays. Traffic is thick, but is moving well. I'm in the left lane with a car right next to me in the center lane and another car is in the right lane. We're all packed like sardines pretty much. I usually keep an eye on the rearview to make sure I'm not tailgated. The car behind me is keeping a good distance. The road takes a small turn and as we all come out of the corner, there is a gap in the traffic up ahead. The bad news is that where the gap ends, traffic is standing STILL. Next thing I knew I was on the brakes ABS'ing all the way. My bottom was up in the air and off the seat. I gripped the steering wheel from the bottom with both hands and was literally standing on the brake pedal. I stopped about 6 feet short of the car in front of me. Immediately looking into my rearview... no cars behind me. While I was on the brakes, all the cars around me were in the same boat, so there was nowhere to go but straight.
If it wasn't for ABS, I'd lock'em up and would have just slid all the way in to the car in front of me. There was no time even think of about pumping the brakes to make sure they don't lock up.


Slightly Jerryfied...
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Was coming home in the dark with 2 friends one night... We got onto the off ramp, and it's a nice, easy curve. So I'm going maybe 50-55 or so. I'm waiting for it to merge into the next road - Wrong. No signs ahead to warn the drivers or anything, just a T intersection, and a two lane road with a concrete divider in the middle. Wonderful. By the time I see it I'm on top of it. So I stab the brakes and spin the wheel at 50, and powerslide onto the road (ala Blues Brothers)... and then all 3 of us take a deeeeep breath. Just to give us a little more scare, what do we roll up on 5 mins away but one of those random dui checkpoints. what a blast that night was.

96 Mustang GT 5spd. w/ 248A Option (GTS). Stock for now until I get the Roush on.

97 Thunderbird 4.6L LX /w Sport Package
24k B&M Cooler, 1" lowered, Steeda UD Pulleys, Dynomax cat-back, J-mod, 3.73's, PI intake, PI cams, 03 GT MAF/Tube, SCT tuned - Gone but not forgotten.
MAMN12 Drag Racing Team [email protected] In need of updated times.
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I was taking a shortcut to college on morning that cuts through a wooded, residential area and I was late so I was going pretty quick, probably 60 or 70. I was driving my truck which is a 1980 F250 with a homemade steel flatbed on it, the straight six 4 speed and the exauhst ended just at the cab, so it was a beast to say the least. Well I round this corner and come face to face with a state trooper blocking the road. He's standing next to his car talking to another trooper in a second car. I slammed the brakes and throw it into 3rd, the truck is screamming and sliding and the cop is flipping out. He had his hands in the air and was screaming before I was close enough to hear him. He *****ed me out for a while and told me "get this thing out of here before it stalls and I have it towed" I gladly complied!

"Technical skill is mastery of complexity while creativity is mastery of simplicity."
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Going onto a windy onramp with no front swaybar, I hit a patch of oil and swung the rear end of the car out and nearly hit a concrete barrier.

Also, two winters ago when i bought my roush f150, I bought it in the middle of winter and it had bald goodyears on it. I had no weight over the axle.

Going on the 90 through pennsylvania, I hit an unplowed stretch of the highway and the truck spun all the ways around on the freeway. I ended up on the shoulder facing the other way of traffic. Thank god I didn't hit anything or get hurt. I wound up facing traffic, on the shoulder, not blocking anyone. I was literally one foot from the guardrail, and the guardrail was guarding an overpass with about a 20 foot drop.

PA state trooper stopped traffic to help me get it turned around, awesome guy. Lets just say I was doing like 40mph the entire way home.

I got the truck home and drove it to home depot to buy 500 pounds of sandbags, then directly to the firestone tire for 4 new all seasons.

No problems since, but those two incidents make me not drive like an idiot in cars that are worth something.

This past winter, I had a 89 beater jetta GLI with a stick. We took it up to my buddys apt complex that has a big unplowed parking lot for some snow drifting.

I was just cruising around, and like an idiot, I downshifted to second really fast. The car swung around and I hit the mountain of plowed snow, and totally sideswiped it. The car had several huge dents in it. Good war wounds.
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Late one night (I won't say anything else) on Nov. 18th 2001, after being out with some friends, it was time to leave. I decided to take this highway known as Peninsula Expressway. I took my eye off the road for a second to change the radio station and I hit a curb at like 65, got the Tbird on 2 wheels, I managed to get it under control and prevent myself from rolling over. Since then, I drive SMARTER and more RESPONSIBLE.

My other home:

'96 Ford Tbird 3.8 SC
'06 Chrysler Sebring "Vert 2.7
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Was driving my old Contour a few years ago, well it was dad's then, looking for my brother at school, turned around and was EXREMELY close. I slamed on the brakes, and was probably a couple inches from it. I turned into the passing lane and slid past his vehicle. So if I would've hit, it would've been BAD. I was going 35 in a 35, he was practically stopped.

Benjamin' 07/30/82 Christian MySpace CarDomain
Celica and Chevy 1500 are sold for parts. Now I'm left with the broken Buick and my '98 Dakota.
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Hmmm, were do I start.

Going down the 60 late for school I'm in the fast lane. I notice no one is next to me and the left lane is completely empty for quite some distance. So I cross 4 lanes of traffic at 120+ mph. When I get around the Bobtail that was in the second to last lane I suddenly see a Highway Patrol car stoped on the shoulder alone. I just slam on my brakes to rub off some speed. I let go of them just as I was passing him. I probably passed him at like 105. I just stayed on it all the way to school. If he did see me I didn't want him to catch up.

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I have done the above 3 times.

Needless to say I rarely go past 90 now.(Hey it's a start)

Another close call was also on the 60 traffic was flowing at 85 in a 65 and just as we are passing an over pass I see a fast moving white object going down the onramp. I turn to look and see that it is a new BMW Highway Patrol bike. I quickly slow (well not that quick didn't want to make it obvious), he gets behind me. When that happens I just think oh manure I'm gonna get pulled over. Then he turns on his lights and sirens but goes around me and pulls the bus infront of me over. I almost stained my pants.

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Mine happened a week after I totalled my Mustang by hitting black ice. I still haven't posted pictures of that yet. Anyways, I had bought the bird back from my mom that morning and switched the title and stuff over. I was driving in the fast lane on I-75 S through Dayton cruising about 75-80MPH. There was a little red dodge in front of me and a windstar in front of that. The dodge got over to pass the windstar, when the windstar got over quickly and cut him off. Instead of merely slamming on the brakes and slowing down, the guy in the dodge whips the car into the fast lane hard and fast. I saw the back end of the car lean and come up, and I knew he was going to lose control. He swerved, and then slid sideways across all three lanes of traffic back into the shoulder on the slow lane, nearly ramming into the concrete wall; then, if that wasn't enough, his car swerved back around through all three lanes of traffic again, and back into the fast lane, where I've begun to slow down. I slam on the binders and he slides next to me at a diagonal when we finally come to a stop. I got out and looked at my front fender, which had only missed his quarter panel by about an inch.The guy leans out of his car and says, "That idiot cut me off!" I had almost gotten rear-ended by a dodge truck in slowing down also. Luckily, nobody was hurt, and neither were any cars. That is the most recent and scariest miss I've had.

Sorry about the enormous paragraph.

1994 Thunderbird LX V8

Still in pieces in the garage awaiting body work, paint, and a drivetrain...

Currently driving a 98 Mustang GT convertible:
02 Explorer engine, Comp 262ah cams, Steeda underdrives, aftermarket H-pipe with high flow cats, SLP LM1 exhaust, MGW shifter, RAM clutch
[email protected], 2.17 60ft(stock 2.73s, worn-out trac-lok)
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Yet another one:
I'm going down the 60 when suddenly the lady in the early 90's Camry infront of me drops something. I just see her head disapear and the she slams on her brakes(this is all going on at about 80mph) she comes to a complete stop. I had to slam on my brakes and dive into the emergency lane(luckily this section also had an emergency lane by the center devider). The Mercedes M-class behind me almost rear ended me also.

Another Camry this time a late 90's one about a week later over reacted to a car hitting the brakes infront of him. He slams on his brakes, I slam on mine, the early style Cherokee behind me locks the up and almost hits me. Then the Honda behind him does the same. But the Ram quad cab behind it isn't able to stop and dives into the emergency lane by the center divider(luckily the center divider emergency lane had just started a few feet before) and ends up stoped right by my rear quarter window.

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I know that this is an old thread but I couldnt resist.

The first was on my way to work one day. I took Cannonsburg road which is a road that weaves through the back hills of Kentucky. I was in my 87 t-bird turbo and was winding through the roads about 20mph faster then posted (35mph). It had rained the night before and I was on the gas through a right hand turn. The back end started to come out. Just as that happened a Neon came shooting around the other way. I stopped sitting in the middle of the road facing the wrong way. How we missed I dont know.

Again about 2 months later. I bought a gillis valve to go on my tbird and set it at 18psi. A couple of friends wanted me to take it down the road so they could see how it runs. We climbed in and I took off doing about 70 in the straight. I had learned from before that turns were not good in throttle. I let off and slowed to about 45 with generous braking and 3rd gear while entering the turn. Again the back end came out and I over corrected. Comming the other way was a tractor trailer. I crossed the lane in front of the semi and hit the ditch. The car did a 180 in the ditch but completly missed the semi. I still dont know how. I twisted the body on that car and now it sits. I plan to part it out when I get the 95 running.
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I swerved to miss and armadillo tonight. No but seriously I've had so many close calls in this great state for FLorida, that everytime I begin to type one up, I remember a better one.

Bird 1: 268 NPI comp cams, pi intake, P&P'd pi heads, ss autochrome headers (waste), dumped exhaust, sct tuned, alum driveshaft, 3.73 TL...Other minor crap

Bird 2: Vortech'd

Both silver, and bad.
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