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Another approach to selling your car on Ebay!!

Off subject, I know so dont flame me, this seemed like the best place to post this.... but can you guys believe this???? I just wanted to share this with everyone, because this is an approach to selling your car that Ive never seen before!
I know, sorry its not a Tbird.. BUT!!
its a good idea!! people are bidding because at this point they are so curious to see what it is, its almost like a mind game with some of these people!!

Does this mean I could put a tarp over my Red 93 LX Bird (worth about $2000), and get more money for it than its worth!!

I personally think its an S-class under that tarp!
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No way it's an S-class under there... It's got way to sharp corners..
I think it's just a bunch of boxes or the frame work of a BMW och MErcedes..
or something like it.. Doesn't even say it's a car!


True duals are on!!!
Check video (9.5 megs)
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I agree with Matt. Original price of $78K, German engineering, and "Such Exquisit Luxury" adds up to Mercedes SEL, probably 500 SEL, early-90s.

Unfortunately I couldn't do that - people wouldn't like to buy a tarp and find a '93 SC with engine problems that they would have to tow away I wouldn't be a very popular person for long

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Those exact word are what made me think the same... a lot of the hints are under the section where the question's are asked of the seller and answered.. someone on ebay told him it looks like a 92-99 s class.. and the seller could only answer that. maybe it is, or maybe it isnt!! The next hint he gave what that it was german engineering, and based on the ?'s other people asked, he said its operational and will drive anywhere without a problem...

I thought the angles looked shart too.. but he could have put boxes on top of the car which under the tarp will give it a different shape... When I took the first look at the front shot of whatever it is, I was thinkin it was a vintage Chryslyer 300C!!

Otherwise, the only German engineering I can think of that is around $78,000
is a Mercedes, BMW, or Audi...

But what if??? what if this was really just a POS car that drives good!?! Im going to be asking this guy at the end of the auction what it was.. now im curious... lol....

I have lots of legit computer items on ebay which arent selling, then I go to this section and there are people bidding on Boxes that have question marks on them, with the caption "what will you get?".. People are spending thousands on items that they dont know what it is!!! it looks like ebay excitement is getting to people... excuse me,, I think im going to go list an empty box now that come with free items... Ill laugh if I do better at that then with selling parts!!
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OMG!!! its up OVER 3k $$$ right now!!! I cant [email protected]*#ing believe this!!!
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Who is John Galt?

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What do you wanna bet eBay will pull it. They did the last one that i saw that was a mystery car (remember that old Nash?)

"Won't work, can't be done"
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crazy sh1t

Nick......................I'm back!!!
May you fly low and fast
rest in peace JL
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Raoul Duke
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This is off topic, but I am so tired of reading eBay auctions where the seller types in all caps with no paragraphs... hell, no structure at all.
It seems like every other Cougar/Thunderbird auction I look at is exactly like this!
If you were selling something on eBay, why set it up as to annoy potential buyers with that crap?

It looks like an old Bimmer, judging by the grille/air dam that's peeking out from under that sweet, sweet tarp.

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I'm going to guess

-Mercedes Benz SL Lorinzer, AMG, Braubus (Aftermarket Tuner)
-BMW M5 Alpina (Aftermarket Tuner)

Although, in the pic of the front you can see the bottom of the bumper. Its too rounded to be those above cars, the profile sure resembles them. The front bumper kinda looks Porsche-ish..

94 LX V8 & 93 SC gone. Not forgotten.
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Its been done before, and somebody posted it here. I think the last one we saw went for atleast 30k.

People are Crazy. Or is it being smart? who knows......

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Clue today makes it a Mercedes 420 SEL (4 plus water minus the H = 42o = 420). And a quick search on autotrader shows that unless the bidding picks up, he would have made more money without the tarp - unless it has extremely high miles, 1990-1995 420SELs are selling for $8-10K on average.
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It's up to $5,000

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My family sold a '79 SL450 for over $13,000 last year and that had 164,000 miles, but it had a completely rebuilt motor and trans. otherwise, it was VERY pristine, and incredible. Nothing visually, interior or exterior was wrong with it.

If this really is a 420 sel, than this guy is some sorta schmuck that gets a thrill from these "mystery's" because that car would sell for a lot if it was pristine like he said..

Ive done some research, and apparently the newest craze is these mystery auctions... evelopes stuffed with cash that you buy for a certain amount, without knowing the amount for sure that you are getting.. and Ive seen some of those with bids close to $1000!!

Draw a red ? mark on a USPS box, tell people you dont know whats inside, and that whatever is inside comes for free and will be "worth" more than they paid, and some of these random boxes are going from anywhere between $300 - $4000!!! Lots of things out there are "worth" a lot more than you qould actually get paid for it!! Stupid people are getting consumed with excitement by these auctions I guess.. Its an Ebay thrill thats quickly picking up.. Im going to try a "mystery" jewelry box, and a "mystery" consumer electronics bundle myself.. Ill probably try it tonight or tomorrow.. Ill keep you buys posted to see it it works for me or not.

in fact, type in the word mystery under the search and look under the "everything else" and "totally bizarre" category.. There are SOO many people doing this, and its working for them.. some people get their auctions pulled because they make it look like a raffle.. you just have to be very careful in what you choose to say in your auction.

Could you imagine one of your items with thousands of hits, over 50 watchers in "my ebay", and the price going into the thousands of $$$'s only for Ebay to pull it at the last second??
This guy with this blue tarp mystery got his auction pulled last week, so when he relisted it, he choose better words to use..
I wish there was a general forum section for the members who want to BS and share things like this, unless there is and I just didnt find it yet...
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There is a forum for this type of discussion: Miscellaneous
and your original post got moved here!

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