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Remote Oil Filter installation on 3.8

I could have bought a kit that supposedly had everything I needed but it didn't have everything I wanted . So I ordered all of this stuff off of Summit Racing and did it all myself.

Here are all the aprt numbers and their descriptions.

TRD-1013 -- Oil Filter Adapter to go on block. Says it's for 260-460ci ford engines but threads onto the 3.8

PRM-1791 -- Dual inlet/outlet oil filter mount. Mounts to a 5.0 oil filter which holds 1 quart instead of the 3.8's 1/2 quart filter.

The mount (PRM-1791) doesn't seem to come up on Summits searches anymore. But it did when I ordered it. If you call them I'm sure they can find it. I also originally wanted Permacool's adapter but they were 3 weeks back ordered and I needed an oil change that week so I got the cheap version.

I don't have any picture of the adapter right now because I ran out of film. But on the block there is a tab that comes flush to the 3.8 oil filter. The adapter is a larger diameter than the oil filter so I took a dye grinder and shaved off about 1/4" of the outter diameter of the adapter. It doesn't hurt anything to do this. But make sure you shave off enough or it will not seal against the blocks oil filter mount and WILL LEAK. I found that out for myself. I just took it off and shaved more off. Make sure before you drive it, to run it and get the oil pressure up by giving it some gas, then check for leakage on the adapter.

Here's how I custom mounted the oil filter mount. It has it's own mounting holes, but I wanted it easily accessible in the engine bay so I wouldn't have to crawl underneath and work hard to do it. Yeah I know, I'm lazy If you're wondering where I got that bracket, deleted my AC system when I did my 97 headers and new exhaust, and this bracket was used to hold the dryer for the AC system. It took some bending the get it to sit flush against the wheel well area but nothing too difficult. I then painted it Ford Blue with some left over engine paint I had because after bending it, some paint was scratched and flaking. Plus it matches the rest of the engine.

Side Note: This mounting location won't work on 94+ mn12's because the coolant overflow tank is there.

For the hosing, I took measuring tape and strung it along the path the hoses would follow, then doubled the length to allow for two hoses. Then added 6" just for good measure. I went to a hardware store and asked for the correct length of hose in high temp, high pressure hose and said it was for oil filter relocation. They gave me the appropriate kind.

The actual path of my setup goes starts from the adapter (which points towards the passenger side of the car) and goes over to the passenger side, then runs along the k-member up in front of the radiator, runs along the radiator mount and out the other side upto the filter, then all the way back the same way. I plan on adding an oil cooler in the spring so the hoses are already there and I can just splice it in when I'm ready.

For the oil filter. I just asked for a WIX 93 5.0 oil filter. part no. 51515

A few more notes. The threads on the cheap TRD block adapter had some aluminum shavings in there disallowing it from threading on correctly to the oil mount. I just took a scribe and scraped along the threads and cleaned it out. Getting the Permacool adapter should avoid this problem.

I believe I filled the pan with 5 quarts, turned it on to let it circulate through the hoses and filter, then added another 2 1/2 quarts. I have a lot of hose though. Make sure you follow the diagram that comes with the adapter and mount that say which direction the flow of oil goes or it will not work properly and could hurt something. When the engine is started put your hand on the remote mount and see if it starts to feel warm. This ensures the oil is flowing properly through the lines and filter.

Overall the cost was about 60 bucks, 25 for the mount and adapter, 5 for the filter, and 35 for the hosing. That's not including the cost of new oil.


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Thumbs up

Good job there Mr. Iowa director! Only thing is the 94-97 people have the overflow reservoir in that spot where you mounted the filter. I'm sure I can find a spot somewhere!


It's not a 97 Sport, it just looks like one!

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Yeah I know I thought about that. I'm going to have to relocate it again when I get a Vortech because I'll have to put the overflow tank there so the vortech will fit on the passenger side.

edit: just read this and thought it was funny how I wanted a vortech

1988 Notch Mustang: - 438W, direct port n2o, t56
2003 SVT Focus: - SCT X3 tuner

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I was going through some filter measurements and found a 2qt filter with the same thread size and same gasket diameter as the Wix Part # 51515 (5.0 and other engines) and 51516 (3.8, 4.2, and others) It has the same outer diameter as the 51515, but is much longer. It's part # is 51773. So anyone looking for more capacity on a remote filter setup, thats your filter. It has the anti-drain back valve just like the others, and also has the same bypass setting as the other, 8-11psi.
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