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Question A/c

Just want to check one thing with you guys....

How often does your A/C pump engage??

I've noticed that even when I don't use the A/C to cool my pump goes on for 15 seconds and then it's off for 1-2 minutes and then on 15sec.... and so on, and so on...

This can't be good for the A/C clutch but is it supposed to be like this or
does it do like this beacuase of low line pressure??

Thanks in advance!!

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i know this is'nt a really what you want to hear but my mother's sable gran-sport 3.8 a/c compressor engage's 5 second's then disengage's for 10second's as for my cougar i don't have a/c
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The compressor in my car doesn't engage like that, it stays on for longer, then goes off shortly. What I've noticed is than when accelerating, the air from the vents stops flowing.
Don't know if this is normal.

Thyg0d: do you need A/C in Sweden? I thought it was very cold up there most of the time.
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No kidding!
It's freezing here... right now the windspeed is about 65 f/s and it's 28F ..
I.e. -13F or something...

And that's just the thing... I don't want my A/C compressor going on and off all the time... It makes my E-fan doing the same thing...
Even with a 200 amp alt. the lights dim when it keeps doing this...

But in the summer you need it...
This summer the temp was between 80-90F from june to the middle of September..
Couldn't have been more nice!

The thing is that it does this on/off thing when I don't use tha A/C...
I push the heat defroster/floor button and the "%&"ยค&%!# thing
still goes on and off, on and off... That can't be right!

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Well, don't have an idea about what's the problem with your compressor. Maybe something's wrong with the controls, or a relay.
When it comes to A/C or heating problems, a friend of mine who's a certified technician does the job.

I bet your car is quite unique in Europe because of its size right???
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The system is operating as designed - the AC compressor runs even when you're using the defroster, controls the humidity inside the car. AC by definition removes water vapor from air... colder air holds less water. The air is routed over the AC evaporator which takes the water out (see the puddle under your car in the summer?) and then it's passed over the heater core to get warmed up. Then you get nice, warm, low humidity (no condesation on the windows) air passed around you and the inside of your car. Only way to get the AC compressor to never run is to not use the climate controls at all.

It *might* be getting ready to fail and drawing too much current but.... I'd offer to come check it out for ya but I'd freeze my, um, bottom off before I got to Great Britain.
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Silver Bird:
It's h3ll to use...

Nah... Just kidding...
It's not that bad, you get used to it...
If I park in a parkingspace the front and back is
about 1-2" over the lines on the road...
The lanes here in Sweden is about 3m wide so it's okay...
What I know there are only 4 Thunderbirds in Sweden
and I haven't seen or heard of any Cougars so it's a bit rare here...

Thanks man!
That explains it.. And makes sense!
Not every day that happens!

The big current draw is problably a result of me using U/D pullies and an E-fan...
Not the smartest thing perhaps but it helps the 1/4 time...
Think I'm going to connect the E-fan to the A/Cswitch instead of the compressor..

And you won't freeze your a$$ off when you get to Britain..
It would drown!

Then when you get to the northern regions your wet....... would freeze and
the it would crack the first time you would try to sit!

Sad but true..
But thanks for the thought...

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Glad it made sense... according to my ex wife I have trouble with explaining things so they make sense.

I guess you're right, England is known as a wet place. The two days I spent there many years ago were sunny and beautiful though. I'm "very well insulated" (usually spelled f a t) so I might be ok in the freezing department.
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post #9 of 10 (permalink) Old 10-25-2002, 01:45 AM Thread Starter
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Tell your wife that it isn't you that have a hard time explaining things....
*wispering* She's a woman and isn't logical for a second that why she
can't understand you...

Oh... btw....If you tell her....
Prepare to sleep in the bathtub a month or two...

I could qualify as "well insulated" as well but it's so [email protected]
moist here right now the cold goes straight thru the bone...
But it'll get better as soon as the snow starts to fall...

I really wish I lived in california or something like that
where there is summer all year around... And waaaaaaarm...
This weather makes me

//Per A
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Location: LA aka NW FL
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Well, one of the reasons she's my *ex* wife is I never could tell her anything and yeah, I spent a few nights in the doghouse.

I lived in Germany for two years and I do seem to remember it being very cold this time of year... One of the reasons I live in Florida these days
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