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My motor eats bolts!

After spending a month in bed healing some broken bones and road rash from a bad bike wreck I decided it was time to take my blown Cougar for a joy ride. My left hand was broken badly and in a cast so the turns were a bit sketchy but the straight line Roots blown power was getting my blood flowing again. I drove the car hard for well over 2 hours that day till she shutdown during a very strong WOT 1-2 stop sign pull.
I’ve blown up motors before so I know what the “clunk” rather then the "Click" means when you turn the key but all I have is a tiny little M90 ontop of a very well built motor underneath so what happened? I was able to get the car to the side of the road but with the broken hand I was not able to lift the hood till some guy stopped and gave me a hand (pardon the pun). He asked if I needed a jump I declined because I knew the motor was locked up but I did not see any holes in the side of the block or oil on the ground.
I was 3 miles from my house and still in bad shape from the wreck but I decided I needed the walk/Limp. Of course by the time I got back to the car with my buddy's tow truck on the way it was gone. The cops decide to impound the car because I was slightly in the road thus costing me an extra $200 to get it back.

After I started to recover some more I removed the motor (with one hand no less). After I got it on the stand and took the oil pan off I could see that all the Manley rods/CP pistons looked fine so I was relived to see them intact but I could turn the motor about 3 ¼ of a revolution. I thought it might be the oil pump gears, valve springs or even a busted head of a valve but with the broken hand I was unable to remove the heads to see inside the chambers so I packed it up and sent it out to my builder (Renegade Racing) so he could go over it and give me the 411.

As it turns out a bolt had gotten sucked into the #8 chamber and locked the motor up at WOT. I felt like a total dumbass think that i dropped a bolt in there but how? There was no way in hell it would have gotten past the rotors of the roots blower. I had no idea where it could have came from till JL & KD pointed out that the air/water intercooler that is housed inside the blowers manifold is attached by 11 7mm bolts from hell (Now mine only has 10 ). I don't know if it’s just my luck but these same bolts are used in the same configuration for all the lightning blowers so take that little bit of info for what it's worth. Personally, I have never heard one letting go but I now know why my Kenne Bell 4V blower has safety wire going through their internal bolts.

The damage is not as bad as it should be considering the situation but it’s not something I’d like to do again to a rather sweet setup so I will take care of those bolts with some safety wire. This way I can hit the gas again without the "She's going to blow!! freak-out involved. The chamber took the hit in the Quench area but thank god it missed the oversized SS valves. It will require a blob of Alum and some hand forming but he's all over it. The CP piston took the hit like a champ and the ring lands and rings for that matter are fine. The real star of the show is the Manley rod that took a licking and kept its composure. If this was not such a well built motor the end result would not be pretty so kudos goes out to Jim At Renegade Racing for building me a motor that eats bolts and stays alive to see another mod.

Man down. The #8 runner is right next to the missing bolts hole.

BFH (Bolt from hell)

The ghost of the BFH.

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wow. full throttle, eats a bolt, LOCKS THE ENGINE and doesn't explode into a billion pieces. I want one!!

About how fast were ya goin when this happened?
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Hmmm, neutral safetys on those bolts......

Remember grasshopper, when safetying, always safety with the bolts tightening.
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I knew there had to be an advantage to the non intercooled 112 SVO
Get coogie and yourself patched up soon


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so how has the three mile hobble? sucks about the car though, at least its not scattered. somewhat easy fixes are nice, i spent all last summer in a stupid walking cast so i feel your pain. hope your feeling better, and get the merc back together!
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how does that screw tying work? do you tie it around the shaft, under the head, and tighten them, or is the string part of (or pass through) the screw itself? how did the screw fall out, if it was torqued correctly, (which i'm sure it was knowing your attention to detail) how could the boost suck it up and into the engine if the air is blowing (almost) directly onto the top of it? would loctite help?

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Kudos to a great build and a painful one handed typing effort none the less.

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Hope you and the kitty heal fast.

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how did the screw fall out, if it was torqued correctly, (which i'm sure it was knowing your attention to detail)
This was the first time I was inside the manifold so I plead the 5th. I have no idea how it came loose or if loctite was even used. I've checked all the others and they are tight so I guess that was my huckleberry and this is a good example of what happends when you are not stock. The pressure inside the manifold is a bunch so the bolt had no chance but to follow the air path and lucky for me it did not land under a valve.

Safety wired bolts are very common in Aircraft and Submarine stuff when things cannot go wrong in a big way. There are holes in the bolt heads and you thread the safety wire through the hole and twist it with a pair of safety wire pliers. The problem is that those 7mm bolts are small but I will figure all that out in due time.

Safety wire pliers.
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how long did it take you to realize the cops towed it and not some jerk who stole her?

i know i know.. it didn't wanna run.. but hey, we've all thought stupid stuff, went oh, yeah, slapped ourselves in the head w/ the quasi-broken hand, swore, etc etc...
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Not long, I asked the guy that owned the lawn I pushed it on.

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The car eats bolts... the owner eats nails... sounds like a match made in heaven....

I am soooooooooo glad you "gently" recommended I go with a Renegade finished basement now rather than after it is too late..... The damage done your engine was relatively slight compared to what would have happened to a stock bottom. A good lesson to those considering adding significant power, either SC or N/A, especially if you intend to push the limits of your tune.

Now you've pulled 2 engines with one hand.... Imagine what a whiz you'll be when the other one heals...

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Wow... Did that bolt just loosen itself, or did it strip out all the threads along the way? In any case that's a scary situation and I'm glad its not as bad as it could have been. But those cops need a good smackdown... hope that hand heals fast!

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After hearing this story and being there when Chad dynoed his car, I have a ton of confidince in Jim. Now if only he worked on the SC engine.

UpperMidwest Thundercats

Dyno's are for pussies, I simply put chuck norris in front of my car, and proceed to floor it, he tells me how much HP and torque I have.
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I'm speechless Scott.

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