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My T-bird is DEAD ;(

Hello, Everyone.
I am sad. My thunderbird is sick. I got the Thunderbird new in Nov 1997. I just finished paying it off one year ago. I was so HAPPY! Then i started to notice white smoke when i ran the car. Also when i looked under the car i saw. Super watered down engine oil. I was like WTF!?! Water and oil was coming out around my timing chain cover! SO i took it to ford. About 3hrs later i got a call. The guy at ford said there is a gasket that went bad. Its around the timing chair cover. He said that it was letting engine coolant get into the engine oil and may have WASHED out my BOTTON END! ;( He said it was gonna be $1,500 min to fix this problem. TO make a long story SHORt. My bird got the 3.8 v-6 in it. I am was freak out about the head gasket problems i know these engines have. So, i said f**k it! Got a New car. I am gonna miss MY BIRD ALOT! Loved that car. I wish i would of spent the EXTRA money and got the 4.6 ohc! I wish all you guys with this v-6 BEST OF LUCK! I took super care of this car and MOTOR. I never went over 2,500 miles on a oil change! ANd it let me down. What makes me super mad is! That this was just my weekend cruiser. It only had 27,374 miles on it. So now i am back into CAR PAYMENTS AGAIN! GEERRR!! Some of you guys will think i am a jerk but i went back to the good old MUSTANG! I went and got a New 03 FORD Mustnag "GT" 4.6 with 260hp. And its loaded. Its got black leather and the mach 460 8 speaker system in it. Thanks for ALL your help throw the years GUYS! Thunderbirds will always have a place in my heart tho. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU! FLY LOW. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2004....
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My 3.8 has gone 160 thousand miles with very few problems. My parents bought in September of 93 with 17,000 miles on it. The only real problem that I can remember was the O2 sensor - everything else was regular maintenance (battery, alternator, etc) The oil has been changed every 2500-3500 miles. Some engines last forever, others don't last.

Just out of curiousity - what do you have now? Another MN12? or something newer?

-Andy "Melon"

EDIT: Proving I'm a moron once again, I re-read your post and saw you got an 03 Mustang

1994 Thunderbird SC 3.8L Supercharged
1999 Crown Victoria P71 4.6
2000 Explorer 5.0
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YOur very LUCKY. I almost did not buy a FORD AGAIN! I was so UPSET AND PISSED about it. ITs ok tho. I am back with car payments. ANd the Mustang GT handles better and gots a much faster take off. So i guess this was the way it was gonna work out. This is my Third mustang. The other mustangs i had were a 1979 4 banger 2.3 none turbo 4 speed and the last one i had i got from my mom and dad. IT was a 1989 Mustang Lx 2.3 4 banger 5 spd. The Mustang GT just ROCKS! I am gonna haft to learn to watch my speed. The GT runs over a 100mph no problems. From what i have been told from it does not have a speed limiter~ YEAH!! ;-)
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Oh yeah Melon its newer. ITs a 2003 Ford Mustang "GT" that is my new weekend Cruiser. So, It will only see 4k to 5k a year like my FOrd Thunderbird did. My everyday ride is a 1988 Jeep Comanche. ITs what i used to go to work to the store ect. IT is also my weekend play toy. Take it out offroading with my friends. Great little JEep. I beat the hell out of it. Never has let me down like my THUNDERBIRD did..That little jeep got 153,122k on it, OH well... SUCH as LIFE! ;-)
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ya, the jeep comanche seems to be a good truck, i had one, it was a 88 as well, i bought it when i was 16 about 2 n a half yrs ago and when i totaled it, it had like 230K miles on it and never had a problem with it cept the dash light burned out (no problem at all, but i had to think of at least ONE thing that went wrong haha)...then i got the 97 tbird, was a nice car, but that was when i didnt know nething about cars, so when it started vibrating (which like a yr later i found out it was the motor mount), i gave it back to my dad and took a 98 f150, which was doin good but lately its not performing as well and i think the transmissions slipping...i have been considering taking my tbird back, but i really like my truck, hard choices...but u made a good choice with the mustang gt, i really want one, but my dad wont even lemme get a 3.8 too high he says...well im done "rambling"...sorry to hear ur tbird went with so lil miles, our 97 3.8 has about 156k and still runnin...and my trucks got 108K and still running ok haha...later
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Yeah. I love my little JEEP comanche. Mine has a 3.5in left on it. BFG tires on it 30's and a roll cage in the bed.. WIth a Push Bar and Billstein SHocks that go throw the bed to my roll cage. My jeep is not stock. IT runs great! YEah with the 03 Mustang GT i am so worried about how much will my Insurance will cost now. Going from a 3.8 v6 to a V-8 03 stang. ANd let me tell yeah. This mustang is way to easy to speed in. When your going like 50mph. YOu feel like your going 30mph. EVen when i am going 100mph its like dam. Don't feel like it. BUt you can tell by the way your passing people on the high way that you really are going 100mph! I will haft to be carefull!
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didnt those commaches have gm 2.5 liter iron dukes in them ? or is it a 4.0

man 27k miles, almost hard to believe
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Your dealer didn't tell you something then, The late 96-ALL 97 3.8L RWD's have a TSB out on the timing chain cover gasket and I believe that they ARE suppose to fix it and any other damage it caused!!!!!!!! It was the SAME gasket problem that cuased ALOT of 97' 4.2L V6's to die an early death.

My 96' (built in july 96') had a leaking timing chain cover also, I fixed it before I found out about the TSB.
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IF thats ture. ABout that timing cover gasket then i am a little pissed off. They said nothing about that. Just told me it was gonna be 1,500min to fix. And it could go up from there if the bottom end of the motor got washed out. Makes me mad. I never beat on that car. Even when i took it in to look at the 03 mustang. The sales man was like WOW your car is NICE! Why do you wanna trade it in? I just told him i wanted something with more power. I was worried when he was looking at the motor that he would see that leak of coolant under the car. Are look at the coolant and see that there was motor oil in it. I hope this 4.6 ohc dont do me wrong like the 3.8 v-6 did. ARE I WILL NEVER BUY A FORD AGAIN! SO far the mustang kicks AZZ. YOung punk kids and nice lookin chicks check me and the car out at red lights. I just hope this don't happen AGAIN! Oh yeah on the Jeep Comanche its the 2.5 AMC engine. THe 2.8 v-6 was the chevy engine jeep used in the Comanche. I think the years were 1984 to 1987. Then in 1988 and newer Jeep used the much better 4.0 six... Its a fun little truck!
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