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is the 3.8???

an interference motor, ive read a few threads on a timing chain breaking then the valves hitting the pistons, i didnt think our motor was interference, i know this happens with some VW's, hondas, porsche's etc but i thought when our motors break a chain or belt..whichever they just die...

my 89 mustang had a timing belt break while i was driving it, ripped some teeth of, i was going like 60, the car just started to studder as the teeth were beeing shredded then it dropped to 0 rpm's and i coasted to a stop all while flooring it trying to figure out why my **** was dying...

anywya i replaced it No problem, the valves were "recessed" or whatever but im just wondering about the tbords 3.8...

tell me about it, what is stock timing supposed to be and what do you guys run?

also i put my motor to tdc to do this head gasket job... when i crank it should i immediatly time it for an opertun warm up, or should i let it warm up at tdc?

soon as i crank it i will need to leave it running a few mins to make sure head gaskets dont leak, should i time it then or wait until im about to take it on the road!

thanks and sorry its so long i suck a summarizing
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Its non-interference.
Timing I belive is somewhere between 13 and 7 (someone with a Distriubtor will be able to help ya more).

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ok here is one i was referring to by thomas....

[QUOTE]Also, the timing chain has nothing to do with the transmission, the a skipped or broken timing chain would do is bent the valves by colliding with the pistons.[QUOTE]

that was in this thread...

just wondering what he was referring to?

also all you other guys whats your timing set to

also... as a side note, when i was spining the crank to line up TDC i recall NOT seeing any "white" mark chalk or whatever it is that the timing light spots...can i just use some white out or something? what needs to be on there ... do i put it on the TDC mark
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Id line the motor up to TDC for installing the distributor.

But, IIRC, stock timing is supposed to be around 10 degrees BTDC. I put a white mark on there with a grease pencil and one on the timing pointer, then when I time it I just line them up. I dont think Ill be modifying this motor, so it works for me... (easier to keep it stock)
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so put a white dab on TDC and on the tip of my pointer and line it up with 10 (or there abouts ) BTDC?
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yeah I forgot its non-interference :embarassed: Stock timing is 10* advanced from TDC. I used to run at 18* then after my head/cam swap went down to 16* but you'll run fine at 10*, it just gives you a bit more top end power, but you also have to run higher octane gas.

After you get it started, I usually let it warm up first, usually it'll blow white smoke for a few minutes from buildup in the exhaust or cylinders, so dont be alarmed if it does so when you first start it. While its warming up I usually set the timing and look over everything, checking the temp gauge every minute or so as a precaution. Then take it for a test drive.


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thomas, 10 ATC or BTC most all cars runs BTC dont they? im gonna time it tomm, with 10 degrees i can run 87 fuel, but i can run it up to maybe 12 on 87... i think as long as no pinging...

my mustang is supposed to be 10* but i advanced it to 15-18 for 2 years and ran 87 gas, i know i probably shouldnt have, but it gave me better gas mileage and still never had a problem out of it... those 2.3's are bullitproof!

anyway what does 12* with some 87 fuel sound like...

also... my guages dont work, never i need to fix that i dont know if its the sending unit or the guage, gas guage dosent work, and temp guage dosent work, they both read "something" because they are not dead, but its no where NEAR right... like ill put in 2 dollars and it will go to a 1/2 tank and when i ride... my temp meter is barely up from dead...

i need to test with a voltometer to narrow down the units or the guages i just dont know how!

also yes it poured white smoke and such i was REALLY scared after it didnt go away after a few seconds... my coolant tank was also gargling i was like NOOOOO its pressurizing, but then i remembered the thermostat was having to open and it was sucking all my coolant into my motor, so i let it warm up and topped it off again, its all good now,

lol i was so scared it was still blown i ran back there and got on all fours and took a fat whiiff of the "so thick i couldnt see" exhaust about a carbon dioxide headache... man i was ****ed up for a good 20 mins but it was worth it to NOT smell that sweet smell!
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