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Avoid Timberland Ford in Perry, Florida

You've all heard me praise up Timberland Ford in the past - I've bought lots of parts from them (I even bought & brought them all McDonald's lunch once) and used them for various repairs in the past, but the new service manager is a total jerk (even the parts stores in town know and dislike him - they told me when I told them my story). The new tech left a little to be desired as well - when he started on my car, I tried to give him a $15 tip and he wouldn't accept it, I know why he wouldn't after seeing the work he planned on doing).

I took my 1995 TBird for a 4-Wheel alignment there 3-4 years ago. The alignment tech was very helpful and informative showing me that he couldn't align it because the control arm bushings were worn out - he charged me either very little or nothing at all - I can't remember. I brought the car down to the shop I work in and replaced all the bushings. After returning to Timberland, the car was aligned perfectly, I received my print out and I paid full price happily.

Fast forward to a month ago when I brought my Mark VIII down to be aligned. I specified 4-wheel alignment and dropped it off at 9am. Every hour I called to ask if it was down and was told it was not. At 5pm, I simply had to go pick it up - it wasn't done and the guy said they couldn't get the alignment machine to turn on. Why couldn't he have told me that hours ago? I live almost 40 miles from there and hung around town all day waiting for my car. The manager said he would take care of me next time to make up for the inconvenience.

Well, yesterday I returned to have the car aligned and again I specified 4 WHEEL ALIGNMENT PLEASE. Well, the tech says, "Oh, the manager told me a 2 wheel alignment, but I will look at the rear wheels." Then he tells me he can't align it because the car was lowered 3/4" and the camber was at the extent (I'm going to get the car on one of the lifts at the shop and confirm this because I lowered the front end only recently and if they aren't at the extent I'm making a video to put on youtube about this whole scenario). Afterwards, he said he only did toe on the front end.

So, when it comes time to pay, the manager charges me FULL PRICE FOR A TWO WHEEL ALIGNMENT. I said I thought you were gonna take care of me? He said he took $10 off, but that would be $10 off a 4-wheel alignment that they DID NOT DO. So I paid full price for a 2-wheel alignment. When I asked for a print out of the alignment results, I was told the printer was broken.

They can rest assured I will never purchase a single item from them again - be it a 5 cent piece of gum or a $200 car part - I don't care if I break down in front of the dealership. It's just a shame to see a good business run into the ground like that - there used to be great people working there 3-4 years ago, but I've been working out-of-state a lot and didn't see what was happening.

Anyways, I highly recommend you go somewhere else like Cribbs in town for your automotive needs...

I plan on forwarding this post to several Ford boards, Corporate, and the BBB. This whole thing reminds me of the guy that brought his Camaro in for repairs and the dealership burnt the clutch up joy riding in the car. The owner had a tape recorder in the glove compartment that recorded the whole thing and he posted it on youtube. Good for him!



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Stay on them!

This BS is so common among so many shops. No matter where you go.

I'm very fortunate to have Rob near by and I gladly make the two hour drive to his shop (one way) to have my cars worked on. The shops in the Charlotte area are just as bad.

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Many shops couldn't care less about the quality of their work, you are just credit card transaction to them.

A ford dealership here left both jam nuts loose on my tierods on a Conti. I came back a week later and they looked at it and told me that all 4 tierods look brand new and never adjusted, did you just change them? (Implying I wanted a free alignment). Yes, sherlock, I changed them myself last week and took it in for an alignment, is that hard to understand? I also purposely loosened them for you. Why the hell would I come back otherwise? I was given a before and after printout when I did the alignment and it seemed work was done. Then the guy walked to his manager, and I could tell the look on the managers face and he whispered its so and so...he is gone.

They made a big deal about even putting it on the machine that day to check it again, because there was no one to bill it too, but he did tighten everything up. I was so sick of the place that I went to Sears where they confirm your alignment for free(it was in spec). Then I got a call from Ford about the incident, and the dealership offered a free oil change if I said everything is ok.
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