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1996 Ford ThunderBird LX Sport


Current Stats:

Best 1/4 mile: 13.2 @ 103


Drag Racing Video from Great Lakes Dragaway 2007

Dyno Video

LED Flashers and brake lights

Engine Monitoring / Management

SCT X3 Power Flash Ford Programmer
SCT Pro Racer Package
AeroForce Interceper Scan Gauge
AeroForce WideBand Kit
Auto Meter boost gauge
Auto Meter fuel gauge
Auto Meter Trans Temp


Ignition System

Optima Red Top Battery
Monster battery terminals
COP modification
MotorCraft Coil on plugs
NKG TR6 Spark Plugs


190 T-Stat
Mishimoto Mustang Radiator
Tru-Cooler Transmission Cooler
B&M Deep Trans Pan
Fluidyne Custom Made Heat Exchanger

Drive Train

Rebuilt 2004 Mustang GT 4R75W by ATD in Germantown, WI.
Pro Performance Stage III Billet Multi Disk 4R70W Torque Converter 9-3/4"

3.5" Aluminum Driveshaft from Dynotech
FRPP Trac-Lok Axle Limited Slip
4.10 Final Drive Ratio
Ratech bearing & shim kit
Ratech solid pinion spacer
F150 S spring

Fuel / Air Delivery

42# Bosch Injectors
Fore fuel rails
Fore FPR
Fore 8AN supply / return line
Summit Racing fittings and adapters
Fore fittings and adapters
Russel Fuel filter
Spectre air filter with heat shield
90mm LMAF Sensor
EGR Block off kit


Kooks Mid-Length Headers
Magnaflow High Flow Cats
Magnaflow X pipe
Dual 2.5" Mandrel Bent Pipes
Magnaflow Mufflers

Wheels & Tires


18x9 Talon Rims from the Custom Wheel Shop


Front tires: 245/45/18 Primewell PZ900
Rear tires: 275/40/18 Falken FK452
Strip: Mickey Thompson 255/50/16



96' Corvette PBR calipers
13" Slotted Performance Rotors
Cobra Ceramic brake pads
Stainless steel braided brake hose


Stock brake calipers
Ed?s brackets
11.65" Slotted Disk
Tbird Ceramic brake pads


Ebach 1.5" Lowering Springs[/URL]
Cobra IRS Coil Spring Insulators
KYB Performance Shocks[/URL]
Lower Mark VIII arms with perches
Rear end knuckle ploy bushings[/URL]
Poly Differential Bushings
AzzKickers RSTB
94 Thunderbird XX RDCB
ADDCO Rear Sway bar 1-1/4
ADDCO Front Sway bar
AJE Front K-Member New version
Pro-Grade Upper Control Arms


Clear Corners lights
VFN 3" Cowl hood[/URL]
LED signal and stop lights
35th Anny Ford Thunderbird Car Cover[/URL]


LED interior bulb swap
A-Arm 3 gauge pod
97 center console
Supercoupe 140 MPH Speedo
Pioneer Stereo
Pioneer Speakers
6x9 3 way in front
6x8 3 way in rear

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Created: 04-22-2007 12:40 PM
Last Modified: 10-10-2015 08:57 PM
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Author Date
JLangton2 Now one of my favorite thunderbirds. 12-13-2013
OxmanWI Thanks Darren 04-07-2013
ThunderChecken Pic 25 just noticed Josh , Nice , Need my sunglasses 03-29-2013
OxmanWI Thanks Ron! I use Adobe Photoshop Elements. 11-02-2012
Trunk Monkey Great Photoshop work with your pictures! Do you do that yourself? 10-28-2012
ThunderChecken Love the block pic Josh 04-11-2012
OxmanWI I was there in 09. Fire Department. Thank you for your service! 07-16-2011
KJH95 I was there in '08. Worked SF at KCA, lived at Salem. 07-11-2011
OxmanWI You are right sir. Were you there recently? 06-01-2011
KJH95 That really looks like Ali Al Salems Kennels. Am I right? 05-29-2011
black cougar dude this is a bad ass thunderbird love that interior 03-06-2011
ThunderChecken Nice gallery Oxman Have great holidays bud ! 11-25-2010
OxmanWI Yea I'd Like to get another, but the wifey is saying no. 11-08-2010
Trunk Monkey Hey man. There's a lot of room in that garage for a Tbird ...
I'm just sayin' ....
OxmanWI Sold it, nice video! 12-17-2009
Bird Poop http://videos.streetfire.net/video/Racing-a-Cobalt-SS-in-my_125984.htm

wheres ur bird?
OxmanWI No sorry, I'm sure someone has one around here that they might sell, start a thread. 09-27-2009
bob9646 Hey, I see the model 97 Thunderbirds image title is "forsale" is it still around? 09-18-2009
OxmanWI Yeah that was a day to remember that's for sure! 08-06-2009
ThunderChecken The pup is fixing to take a bite of a Ox Nice bud Take care 08-05-2009
Mark8Thunder Nice bird OX. 11-19-2008
Trunk Monkey Lookin' good Oxman.
I like your new .gif
I'd like to see a better picture of your sticker/mod plaque. That's a good place for the stickers. I'm not a big fan of stickered up cars; leave that to the ricers.
OxmanWI http://www.vfnfiberglass.com/site.htm

Go to "Catalog" and then scroll down to "Ford" then look for "96-97 Thunderbird - Cougar."
schlarmanm1 Where did you get your hood? 08-05-2008
OxmanWI 18" ADR, thanks! 08-03-2008
v8_superbirdy i like the rims. what are they? 07-23-2008
ThunderChecken yes nice bird there OX 01-02-2008
96AEDtbird Car passes its annual check-up. Looking really good.
May "the curse" be with you.
OxmanWI The hood was $350 and paint was $300, so total it was $650. You also have to add gas money, Hood pins...so $700 total. 08-22-2007
96bird I like the 'bird. The hood looks real nice. How much did it end up setting you back after you got it painted? 08-22-2007
OxmanWI That air box is a 96-04 Mustang GT air box, you can find them on ebay or venders might have them. 08-10-2007
chsplayer like the air box, how did you make it. how much for one 08-09-2007
SC V8 Bird Whoa Ox, Haven't been in the galleries for awhile.
You just blew past me!
Guess I'll have to resort to posting pics of my Wife next to my car too!
LOL JK man nice job. Congrats on the trophy too man, very deserving.
OxmanWI They are custom made, I'm sure it was a a special order from a place that makes them. 07-08-2007
MarknKellie lol, nevermind 07-06-2007
MarknKellie Nice bird, where did ya find those awesome Floor Mats? 07-06-2007
Nativedetroiter This is like Cardomain all over again... Great looking bird man! Come on over across the lake. We have a place for ya! 07-02-2007
OxmanWI Yes thanks 05-09-2007
Rodeo Joe I like the interior, are those Cougar seates? 05-08-2007
ry2lazy4u Ive got different floormats in some of my birds. some birds had some weird factory options, just minor differences. my 96 has Thunderbird in cursive on the mats. my 95 has LSC on the mats i dont know why 05-03-2007
OxmanWI Alpine Green 04-29-2007
Joseph Rice Beautiful, but I have a ?? What is that exact color, Mine is the same. 04-28-2007
Chad Schmitz Nice ride man. Its good to see another Wisconsin member. How much hp she got now? 04-26-2007
OxmanWI Custom made? Not sure...they came with the car. 04-24-2007
greencurse who did those floormats? they look sweet! 04-23-2007
96bagged96 bird is looking good, id really like to get that hood off of you. let me know. Thanks 04-22-2007
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