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1997 Ford Thunderbird

From the Factory
  • 155A Preferred equipment group
  • 463 T-Bird option group 1
  • 994 3.8L EFI V6 engine
  • 44L Automatic O/D transmission
  • K1 Light Demin Blue Clearcoat Metallic
  • P Portofino blue interior
  • A Luxury cloth bucket seats
Bare bones!
Plastic steering wheel and shifter
Manual drivers' seat

Engine Management
Tuned by FordChip

Engine mods
Removed air silencer
Keith Falerios Ram-It kit
Auto Specialties Performance Under drive pulleys
JLT Oil Separator

Taylor Spiro Pro 8mm spark plug wires (blue of course!)
Motorcraft AWSF24C spark plugs

Motorcraft 180 T-stat
Glow Shift oil filter adapter
B&M Racing 24,000 GVW SuperCooler Auxillary Transmission Cooler

Drive Train Mods
J-mod with Updated Accumulator Pistons
BC Automotive Forced lube mod
Aluminum driveshaft
V8 halfshafts
Teeps built 3.73 traction lok aluminum pumpkin

Bracing & Upgraded Bushings
Rancherlee Front Strut Tower Brace
SC L braces with stock V brace
Johnny Langton chassis braces
Solid rubber transmission mount
Poly tranny crossmember bushings
Poly differential mounts
Powdercoated AzzKicker Rear Differential Cover Brace

Vogtland springs/Bilstein shocks
Ford OEM SC lower control arms
Rebuilt front end using all Ford/Motorcraft/TRW parts
ADDCO 1 1/8 rear sway bar
DLF rear sway bar bracket kit
SC rear sway bar endlinks
SCP rear endlink rebuild kit

Mandrel Exhaust Systems 2.25" exhaust tubing kit
Magnaflow 2.25" dual in-dual out resonator
Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers

Braking Upgrades
Mark VIII-Sport front brakes
KVR Performance front rotors and pads

Rims & Tires
16" Thunderbird Sport Rims
Fuzion HRi 225/60/16 tires

Exterior Mods
Factory rear spoiler
Molded Ford mud flaps
Limited Edition style side stripe
Philips CrystalVision Ultra Headlight Bulbs

Interior mods
Power seats
Leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter
Triple gauge pod
Auto Meter gauges
Removed upper brake light, installed Delete Package Tray Panel
One touch power drivers window
Leather shifter boot
Removed ashtray, installed DIN cubby
Aluminum Door Sills

Audio System
Pioneer DEH-2100IB headunit
Pioneer TS-A6880R 4 way speakers

Future Mods
4.2L V6

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Created: 04-25-2007 06:22 AM
Last Modified: 07-04-2015 07:15 PM
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Author Date
Vettecor GREAT looking car !!! Love all the photos. 07-06-2015
Rodeo Joe Thanks Ron! Hard to believe Carlisle is only 2 months away! 04-04-2015
Trunk Monkey Congrats Joe! Did you just bust into the top 5 most viewed galleries? Great car you've got... the finest N/A 3.8 out there. See you at Carlisle! Cheers! 04-03-2015
ThunderChecken JLT working for you Joe, Money well spent 12-18-2014
ThunderChecken That engine looks better than new, One of the cleanest birds in the country 06-08-2014
Rodeo Joe Thanks Mike! It's not going to be fast so it might as well be pretty! 11-03-2013
Mike Shumard Beautiful car Joe, its very well detailed 11-02-2013
Dave_6 Great looking Bird! Love all the details, especially the detailed rear/IRS! 08-19-2013
ThunderChecken Nice looking hogs head there Joe 09-26-2012
Rayo Nice Bird!.. 08-24-2012
irishmethod Irish Pride Joe, sweet birdie! 07-09-2011
Rodeo Joe Can't remember his name, but he was a member here. Thanks! 04-13-2011
swampt420 where did you get the shfter boot. fine looking bird 04-10-2011
tehsilver95lx hey could you get more detailed pics of the 4.2 manifold? because i have a design with 3' intake tubing and i would like to know every inch of it so i can prepare to make it,and i still dont know what in going to use for the runners but with the more detailed pictures i think i can figure something out,thanks 03-07-2011
Bigrob08060 Clean bird!! mine is the same year and color 10-13-2010
Rodeo Joe Thanks Darren! Nothing a few coats of POR-15 won't hide! :lol: 09-14-2010
ThunderChecken Just to say again Joe nice "Blue Bird" ! your clean IRS (sharp) ,mine will be there as well soon 09-14-2010
Rodeo Joe The braces? Easy.

tehsilver95lx how hard were the rear seats? 06-22-2010
Rodeo Joe Thanks! The Vogtlands are the .75s from the original GP. 05-02-2010
thunderclaw clean bird! mine is the same year and color, but the paint has seen better days. what size are ur vogtland's? 05-02-2010
Rodeo Joe They are the ultimate work bench! 03-14-2010
94 Thunderbird XX LOL! I just realized my aluminum pumpkin is sitting on my washing machine just like it is in your pic. 03-13-2010
Ex Nihilo Vogtland/Bilstein.. sounds like a nice set up. Nice bird. 03-04-2009
Koole Same color as mine! Nice. 09-01-2008
ThunderChecken Joe Nice color on your bird I had a 94 LX for a couple of years before I sold it to a friend in need . It was just a darker blue than yours with gray interior NICE BIRD 02-14-2008
Rodeo Joe Darren,

I like the system, you could always add longer tips if you want!
ThunderChecken Getting the same exhaust Wish the crome tips were a bit longer so more could be sean from the rear 02-04-2008
Rodeo Joe The motor? Yeah, I bought it from a guy in NY after he hydrolocked it. I pretty much got everything but the heads. Need any V6 parts? 07-03-2007
supergordo That is quite a stack of stuff! 07-03-2007
Litning hi 06-10-2007
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